Tricking The Germans In WW2

Holy this is awesome:

War-Propaganda-Poster-FacebookThe British are a crafty bunch.  I bet modern militaries do all sorts of cool stuff like this we have no idea is going on.


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  1. Douglas Quaid Avatar
    Douglas Quaid

    I believe Ian Fleming had something to do with this plan before he became an author.

  2. I’d heard of The Man Who Never Was long ago! And, yes, Fleming had some connection to it.
    I seem to remember a fictional similar operation in Cryptonomicon, but don’t recall how similar.
    And now BuzzardFood has “discovered” it and condensed it to under 3 minutes, to fit the modern attention span. (The 1956 movie is 100 minutes longer, and thus apparently unwatchable by anyone under 35.)

    1. lolinski Avatar

      Good sir, I am offended by that statement. I watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (3 hours). I also watched Leon, the Eruopean uncut version.

      Also can’t forget Dr. Strangelove, God knows how long that one is.

      Gonna watch “The man who never was” now, thanks for the tip even though it is an old story.

      1. Seriously, way to paint with a broad brush… I’m under 35 and love the classics, guns and movies…

        1. Dgdimick Avatar

          Hehe, damn baby. Must have been tough not having to wirewrap your fist computer.

        2. That’s unpossible! If you existed, there’d be entertainment geared toward you!
          Are you trying to tell me that the Arbiters of Entertainment are fallible?
          Next you’ll be telling me you’ve made the pilgrimage to Seattle, or even Bayreuth, to see Der Ring des Nibelungen.

          1. Dgdimick Avatar

            Too far to drive without having to pee.

  3. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    Perfidious Albion isn’t just a coffee shop in Leeds……

  4. dgdimick Avatar

    I’d read something about this when I was younger – don’t remember the whole story; too much IO into the brain since then. It was cool to see a short on this to refresh my memory.

  5. Grindstone Avatar

    If you liked that check out Operation Bodyguard. Entire fake Army Group’s were created.

  6. And my wife says I don’t ever learn anything on EDNO…..hmph!

  7. In the tv series space:above and beyond, they used this to build their story. So yeah, I had a general idea of this.