AR-15 And AK-47 Pie Chart Breaks Down Time Spent

hahah legit:


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  1. diannefeinstenvevo Avatar

    “hungarian bullshit” shiggidy diggidy

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      I thought FEG AKs where considered to be of the best quality.

      1. diannefeinsteinvevo Avatar

        because they are.

  2. spraynpray Avatar

    The AK segment doesn’t have a section about watching Red Dawn (1984), clearly this must be in error.

    1. Or clearing your house room by room when nobody else is home with that AR…

  3. Just because people with OCD buy AR-15’s does not mean the AR-15 NEEDs that much attention. My after-range routine is about 8 minutes.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      Mine is probably about 10 minutes. I have four cleaning tools (rod, star chamber brush, patches, bore brush). My rifle has never malfunctioned since I bought PMAGs (all prior failures were due to shitty USGI mags). All I use is Hoppes 9, Mobil 1 5w-30, and copper solvent (once a year). I only clean it after it’s seen 400 rounds of use or so. I just wipe off any external crud and throw some oil on the bolt carrier and it’s good to go. It shoots sub-MOA with handloads, too.

      People seriously over think the maintenance that needs to go into AR15s. It’s a robust and reliable design, yet for some reason people treat it like it’s made of glass and requires constant maintenance with 12 types of special $10/oz snake oil.

    2. Dawn dish detergent, hot water, a .22 bore brush, 20 gauge bore brush (a lot easier to find at Wal-Mart than an AR chamber brush), a copper bristle brush, and paper towels. Takes 10 minutes, wash, rise, dry, oil, done. Every few range trips I will use some foaming bore cleaner to remove any copper before soaping her down. I own several AR’s, have done this for years, never had any problem. There is no need for dental picks and $14/bottle solvents.

  4. A piston upper will change your life for the better.

  5. I routinely fire hundreds of rounds through my BCM Midlength AR without any cleaning and have yet to have a malfunction with it. A couple of drops of your lube of choice in the bolt cam pin slot and it will run indefinitely. Can’t speak for the reliability of the AK, but I would rather have my BCM than an AK any day.

    1. TheBear Avatar


      As long as you run it wet it will still run.

      As for dirt and other bullshit, that’s what the dust cover is for.

    2. hydepark Avatar

      You should try out a Bulgarian Arsenal or a Russian Vepr sometime. Both are the Cadillacs of AK’s. Out of all the AR’s and AK’s I’ve owned, I find AK’s to be far and above more reliable. Norinco, Arsenal, Vepr. Not a single malfunction between the lot of them for years and thousands of rounds. Can’t say the same for my Spike’s, Colt, or S&W.

      1. mandaloin Avatar

        Funny, I own a Daniel AR and out of about 4000 rounds haven’t had a single malfunction. Right now I’m 700 rounds without cleaning or lube and I shoot exclusively crap ammo like Wolf in the AZ desert. My buddy owns a Norinco MAK 90 and that’s jammed on me twice.

        1. hydepark Avatar

          A DD is definitely on my wish list. Awesome stuff for sure. My friend has an LWRC he paid through the nose for and it’s been nothing but trouble. Gas key bolts weren’t even staked. One of them sheared off on a range trip and I told him if he wanted to keep shooting it he could do so as long as it was far away from me. LWRC was kind enough to SELL him replacement bolts. Every company throws out the occasional lemon I’m sure.

  6. Why can’t the designer hit anything with an AK? Or figure out the sights? They’re so easy, children can and do use them.

    1. lolinski Avatar

      Common problem with weakling imperialist. They simply aren’t guided by Spirit of Mother Russia. Is like riding horse without saddle, works, but is painful.

  7. jim bob Avatar

    In Russia AK clean you.

  8. ballisticsbill Avatar

    Wow whoever put this together has obviously never had a quality AK in his hands. The mis-conceptions run wild and free in his mind. My Vepr 545 will outshoot most off shelf Ar’s. Last weekend for shizz and gigs we did some accuracy testing at 100yds and the vepr posted a 1.25 moa and a 1.45 moa. Also my bulgarian SA-M 7 will get nearly that in a 762×39 cartridge. As far as the sights problem goes the writer must be a complete moron. A four year old Bosnian child can hit a grapefruit with irons at 300yds but he cant figure them out. Pretty Sad…I would take any of my Ak’s over my DDm4 V7 LW anyday and thats one of the best AR’s doing it. Obviously talking out his ass with little trigger time on a real AK.