COD Advanced Warfare – Behind The Scenes

The amount of detail and money poured into these games is incredible:

I still can’t get over how real digi-Kevin Spacey looks.  I’m sure there are some really tedious and repetitive things that need to be done to add realism to these games, but working on such a project doesn’t seem like your “average” job.

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareHopefully this game doesn’t disappoint you guys who are looking forward to it.  A lot of skepticism seems to surround these releases now.



5 responses to “COD Advanced Warfare – Behind The Scenes”

  1. Aardvark Avatar


    Take a look at the new Rainbow Six footage released at E3!

    The trailer is a little wonkey since it’s still in early development but at least it’s something different than ANOTHER Call of Doody.

    I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.


    A fan(ny).

    1. Yeah, new Rainbow Six looks awesome. I’ve always loved that franchise and I’m glad they’re going back the their roots.

  2. derpmaster Avatar

    digi-Kevin Spacey is to basic for this. What COD really needs is digi-Kurt Russell with his circa 1986 mullet, complete with tec-9 and a boot knife clenched between his teeth. Now that’s a game that I would actually pay for.

    Also – why did COD decide to jump on the STALKER exoskeleton bandwagon? Can’t these guys do anything original?

    1. Or digi Dolph Lundgren?

  3. The game looks like a mashup of black ops 2 and titanfall. Time for another WW2 (or something else) call of duty, like the originals…