Shotgun Shell Pez Type Dispenser

The Ammo-BOSS Gunner’s Mate:

Terrible video, extremely painful to watch.

You can check out the IndieGOGO campaign here.  Pre-ordering one of these starts at $40.  For that price you’ll get one if the project ends up getting funded.  This isn’t looking promising because he’s only at 8% of his $90,000 goal (LOL $90k).  Looks like the product might be of some use to people.  I’d probably buy one if it didn’t look like a bag of dicks, held more than 8 shells (or wasn’t so big at it’s current capacity), and worked with 3″ shells as well.  It’s like “Bro do you even operate?”.


Dwight-Schrute-QuoteI’m skeptical on what exactly he feels is patentable here.  “The Ambidextrous retention system?  Trigga Please.  Doesn’t look like it preforms any different than the function of a magazine to me, unless there is some complex proprietary weird stuff going on inside (in which case I find this product even less attractive).   My guess is he got taken by the classic “yes sir!” type lawyer who would literally  write up and file a patent application for anything at all as long as you’re paying them.



14 responses to “Shotgun Shell Pez Type Dispenser”

  1. These kickstarter/indieGOGO campaigns are getting out of control. What ever happened to brining a product to market without begging people to fund your development and pay your salary while doing so. And $90k? to bring a injection molded “magazine” to market… Laughable. $30 for something that will end up costing $2 to produce.

    1. “Back in my day, there was no internet porn. You needed connections, like crazy uncle Jim that mom said was a bad influence. And even then you’d have to figure out where to hide your physical stash; there was no hidden folders and browser erasing. Real boys had to work for those brief moments of bliss… in fear.”

  2. JoeDeke Avatar

    How the hell did they get Dwight Schrute to shill for this thing?

  3. Rjaparis Avatar

    what’s the difference between this and a slightly modified saiga magazine?

    1. Siaga magazines function for something useful and are real products.

  4. shockfish08 Avatar

    Reminds me of the wear-able AR15 magazine magazine from awhile back:

    1. “Inception,” magazine edition.

  5. jim bob Avatar

    he would have better luck trying to patent a spoon.

  6. farmerjoe Avatar

    He scares me. Please make the bad man go away!

  7. Zachary Avatar

    Why endo, why! That video was horrendous, its your fault endo, you didn’t warn us enough!

  8. This is a joke.


  9. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    First thought, Get a damn haircut before you make a video pitching your product.

    I’ll agree the video could have been produced with a little more effort towards quality but I’ll give him props for creative thinking and pursuing his American Dream. That said……I can see a small market for this among trap shooters & small game hunters. As far as the 3gun & other speed shooting sports go, one shell at a time doesn’t cover it. In my opinion, comparing it to a Saiga or any other shotgun magazine isn’t quite fair because of the way the rounds are stripped from it.

    Would I buy one? Maybe. If it would accept 2 & 3/4″ – 3 & 1/2″ shells I could see a use for it in the woods but for $40 I’ll probably just keep a pocket full of extra rounds while hunting.

  10. Skip11B Avatar

    RED BULL! 34th ID patch…

  11. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    What is this guy stupid whybcant i just buy and slightly modify a saiga 12 gauge magazine i mean thats all this really is