Protecting Your Access To Guns

Deal-With-ItHe makes some good points but a lot of it is just whining about the way things are.   “WAHHHHHHHH I DON’T LIKE THE MARKETPLACE POLITICS”.  Well sorry Billy, as you know it’s a free country so if companies do not want to deal with guns or gun owners that’s their right.  Plenty of great businesses and websites which cater to gun owners have started because of the very restrictions you’re whining about.  If more and more banks start closing accounts of gun companies then other pro-gun banks will start up… that’s how it works and we all benefit.  The reason facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter etc. all don’t outright ban the accounts of people who post gun related content is because they don’t want the revenue loss or the shitstorm that would come with it.  Hell, I was given a $100 ad credit from twitter and when I went to go use it they changed their mind because my company is in the firearms industry.  Meh, their loss because if the advertising was successful I would have spent several times more. Oh well I’ll put that $100 towards more cheetos and some ammo which I will in turn tweet about. #GunLife



6 responses to “Protecting Your Access To Guns”

  1. Do porn/sex websites have the same issues dealing with banks?

  2. blehtastic Avatar

    Gunbroker should really try to become an Amazon for gun parts and accessories, but I’m not sure they have the technical or marketing savvy to pull it off.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think you hit the nail on the head with the last part of your sentence. I had to contact them a few times in the past and it was like dealing with a 12 year old every time. Additionally GunBroker doesn’t care if people sell counterfeit items on there, so because of that I have no use for them.

      1. blehtastic Avatar

        If counterfeit also means in spec, then I don’t really care either as patent law in this country is a joke, but sadly, most counterfeiters aren’t as awesome as generic drug producers.

  3. Google operation choke point.

    1. hydepark Avatar

      This. I don’t see any reason for Mike to whine about Billy’s whining. This is important stuff. Private companies can do whatever they want, yeah. But incentive-izing (word?) especially by our “government” against any constitutional right should be out there on our radars. Mike can shrug his shoulders all day, but that doesn’t mean this topic isn’t a very serious issue to gun rights advocates.