Hold My Quran And Watch This

Pakistan army dangerous shooting skills demo:

If there is one thing I’ve learned, is that it’s necessary to endanger other people when you really want to prove your skills. Why aren’t more foreigners doing stupid shit like this on YouTube?  I should fly to some of these countries, sign a bunch of them to ENDO and make billions.  I’d bring my buddy Richard Ryan in on it and he could provide slow motion footage of them cheating death. I’m sure they would be willing to do ridiculous stuff with detcord as well which we could get footage of.

Pakistan-Army-Shooting-SkillsIs this type of practice Yeager approved?  I mean we live in a 360 degree world right guys?  Who knows when you might have to shoot a drone quadcopter that’s hovering just over your operator friend’s head?

Hat tip: TTAG


10 responses to “Hold My Quran And Watch This”

  1. Why all the buck Yeager hate? He just operates by big boy rules. Something you Internet ninja wannabe call of duty living in your mom’s basement douche bag fat ugly dick faces would never understand.

    Just trying to get that post out of the way because someone who regularly swallows Yeager will be along shortly to put a comment like this up.

    Too had Allah didn’t call him home. And no buck Yeager, I’m not “dueling” you.

    1. achmed Avatar

      Yeah anybody that – gasp – thinks risk assessments and sensible training plans are important is not following big boy rules.

  2. Mike, you need to change the picture to the “James Yeager Approved” meme with Buck Angel!

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      Oh god why did I type Buck Angel into my google image search toolbar what the shit

      1. Well, you are the Derpmaster!

  3. achmed Avatar

    These are definitely the type of people that I want millions of dollars of my tax money to go to. Excellent.

    1. Yeah… “Whaaa? Your public enemy number one was living a mile from our West Point???? No way. Man…. I can’t believe we forgot to look there. Dude. We feel SOOOO stupid. Dang… Oh, so, awkward but I noticed your check to us last month was dated a few days later than you wrote it. Just want to make sure there’s not some like, funding issue? Brother Obama assured us there wouldn’t be. Oh and can I borrow your flag and that zippo for a few minutes?” “allah hu fucktard.”

  4. a shot from 10 feet at a 6 inch target, not hard. staring down the barrel of an idiot while he shoots at a target on your head, very hard. the shooter does not impress me, the human table does.

    1. Ha Ha, No Shit!

  5. dgdimick Avatar

    Reminds me of this video:


    Buy the way it’s fake.