Surprise Mountain Bike Robbery At Gunpoint

Whole event captured on a GoPro.  This went down in South Africa:

Malcolm Fox was cycling on a trail with a GoPro camera strapped to his helmet when an armed man ran towards him and ordered him off his bike.  Fox can be seen climbing off as two more men approach, before making off with the bicycle and phone.

Full story – Concealed Nation

I love these types of posts because it’s when all the criminal scum sympathizers come out of the woodwork after I say my usual: It’s too bad this didn’t end with 3 dead bodies, and the mountain biker using his cellphone to call the police.  Nah you guys are right though, what those robbers need is to be caught and rehabilitated! *smh*

StrikeMark-GoPro-Glock-MountThoughts?  Spandex carry is kind of tough, but I suppose the guy could have had a tactical fannypack on.

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21 responses to “Surprise Mountain Bike Robbery At Gunpoint”

  1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    The robbers won’t be caught. The South African Police Services is largely inept. The brothers, cousins and, and uncles of these robbers are the cops. Crimes against whites are not taken seriously, and something as small as an armed robbery will mostly be ignored.

    He could have been carrying in a plastic bag.

  2. Some of the anti-gun comments there disgust me.

  3. Morgan Avatar

    A few points: Three suspects are currently in custody and making court appearances in connection with this crime. The SAPS is not inherently inept, or at least no more so than any very large bureaucratic national police force. Crimes against whites in South Africa are not ignored. “Crimes against whites” as a statistic remain a drop in the bucket compared to crimes against blacks.

    Also, you just will not meet many “criminal scum sympathizers” walking the streets of SA. Pretty much everyone will want these dudes dead or in jail.

    1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      Wow, they did get caught. Now let’s see what the courts do. SAPS is, largely, an inept organization – the exceptions are groups like the flying squad. I worked with them and worked for agencies in the U.S. SAPS officers are under-trained, underpaid, ill equipped, and ill performing. Crime in SA is skyrocketing and has been. While this incident was in the nicer WC, the EC and northern provinces are horrible. How many handguns does SAPS lose every year? Like 4,500. How many SAPS vehicles go missing each year? Hundreds. It’s like no one is held accountable at the SAPS. It’s a giant organization that should have been broken up in ’94. The policing services should fall under the direct control of the municipalities.

      I’m sure if I head into any location they’ll feel that these dude should be locked. The masses only care when an 8 year old gets raped and ends up with a colostomy bag.

      1. Squid Avatar

        “I worked with them and worked for agencies in the U.S”
        You mean you convinced them to let you do pseudo-IDPA on their police range with their guns, right?
        That’s what you mean, right?
        You’re not trying to imply you did police work of any kind in south africa, right? since all you did was “train” there.
        Also, you’re not implying that your work as a constable in sleepy PA counts as working with “agencies” in the US, right?

        God you’re a fucking try hard loser. From assuming your wife’s nationality to trying to make yourself seem like an operator on here, you are king douche.

        1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

          If I could convince a national police agency to do that, I’d be a pretty good salesmen. I have no police powers in South Africa, never implied that I did. I’ve made friends there and have relatives who are married to SAPS cops. So I get some pretty good access to things that most people would never get access to. PA state constables have the same duties at the U.S. Marshals, we just do it at the state level. So go ahead and trash the USMS since they don’t answer 911 calls or take reports on lost dogs. Policing in the U.S. is done by different agencies with different missions. Our mission is execute the warrants, judgements, and actions of the courts. Oh, and it’s still on the books that we can round up and coral trespassing livestock and issue the owners a fine – no idea when this was last done.

      2. Morgan Avatar

        First: being 75% correct about the number of firearms “lost” by SAPS members means you went to a source who guessed. The real number is 3000 or less handguns lost on average per year according to statistics from 2012/13. Unacceptable? Yes. 4500? No.

        I’m not going go into details about why, but I can guarantee I have more experience ‘working’ with the SAPS than you. It’s easy to point out one unit you may have had vague contact with and say “the exceptions are groups like the flying squad.” You’re ignoring the Police Special Task Force, Organized Crime Units (formerly serious and violent crimes) Narcotics enforcement, Public Order (riot police), Police Air Wing. I’ve been fortunate to be on scene watching all these units work and I’m going to tell you right now that you’re tarring all 150 000 + SAPS officers with the same brush used by the likely bitter and belligerent SAPS inspector with a dead stop career did when you got the info from him. AMIRIGHT?

        1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

          I don’t fault the rank and file for the decision made by ANC appointees. I feel for the guys on the street who are put out there without the equipment needed to do the job. As for your number, you should go back more than a year and look at sources besides the ones that come from the organization that lost the guns.

  4. Regulus Avatar

    This is why u won’t see me carrying no damn 380

    1. UsArmyMp Avatar

      22lr, 380, 9……..I dont wanna get shot with anything.

      1. Drapetomanius Avatar

        Amen. I challenge all naysayers to take the .22 Challenge. Pick any part of your body that you don’t need for a few weeks, and you can demonstrate for the world how ineffective .22 really is.

  5. Drapetomanius Avatar

    Well gee. I guess actually working in a prison made me a “criminal scum sympathizer”, in the sense that I let go of the dehumanizing propaganda and realized that criminals are human beings and deserve basic human rights. Fuck me, right? How dare I not thirst for the blood and suffering of these two dumbass robbers?

    If he had a gun, he was totally justified in defending himself and his property. Otherwise no, I don’t wish for them to be tortured or beheaded or any of that other sanguine “justice” bullshit. Recompense is justice. Prison just heaps bads on top of bads, and if brutal punishments stopped robbers we would have stopped crime six thousand years ago.

    But hey, I’m not a blogger, so what the fuck do I know?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I remember discussing this topic with you in the past. Say the guy with the gun shot the guy on the bike (which very well could have happened)… what then? Additionally, I’m curious if you conceal carry and/or own guns for protection and when you would feel justified using them? It doesn’t sound like you put more value on the life of a non-criminal over a criminal… am I correct in assuming that?

      1. Drapetomanius Avatar

        I carry every day (Shield 9). Defensive homicide is morally justifiable if the attacker has the ability and apparent intention to use deadly force.

        If the man on the bike thought that these guys were going to take his bike and pop him anyhow, he’d be totally morally justified in putting them down until he was convinced that they were no longer able to or intending to use deadly force. If they turn and flee, there is no justification. If they made threats but were holding a BB gun, there is no justification. If they were not threatening him, but ran off with his property, there is no justification. The ability and apparent intent to use deadly force; that’s my personal bar.

        My value on life is proximal; like everyone else. It’s hard to value the life of distant strangers more than the people you actually interact with. Since I don’t believe that human rights spring from the Constitution, or good behavior, or arbitrary tax farm boundaries, I have to offer the same rights to a Taliban poppy farmer-turned-insurgent that I want for myself.

        Based on the evidence at hand (the video) he would have been justified in defending himself and his property.

        As far as “justice” for murdered people, that’s a huge teal deer. I’d love to discuss it, but this is not the right format for lengthy discussions.

        1. Drapetomanius Avatar

          I should note that plenty of corrections officers come away with a “kill them all” mentality, so just to avoid an appeal to authority fallacy, YEMV.

        2. I am far from what I’d consider a criminal sympathizer, but I’d generally agree with what you’re saying. If I were to catch someone in the act, I don’t really want to deal with the mental/legal/ect repercussions over some cat dying because he wanted to steal my bong. I won’t shoot a motherfucker over some silly shit, but I sure won’t feel bad if someone else decides to do that on their own accord.

          I do disagree with the bb gun comment – if said cat pulls what appears, or points what may or may not be a live weapon at me, fuck ’em

      2. Morgan Avatar

        I’m not going to say the biker shouldn’t have been carrying but I have seen comments across the web suggesting tactics/response to this very mugging. All I can say, God help them if they ever get mugged. I saw one post suggesting the bike be thrown at the suspects. It didn’t make me feel confident that very many people out their at all have any idea how to deal with this situation and honestly, when was the last time we trained or prepared for that occasion we might be straddling a bicycle at gunpoint. In tights.

        Being armed is one thing, but you really have to have some perspective and training to inform your personal self defence. He didn’t have a heck of a lot of options armed or not.

        1. jim bob Avatar
          jim bob

          “I saw one post suggesting the bike be thrown at the suspects”

          did they think this guy is The Mountain, from Game of Thrones?

  6. Give ’em your shit.

    If you’re carrying, shoot them in the process. If you’re not, go buy more shit and carry next time. Simple.