The Audacity Of Handgun Bicep Carry

Running out of places to carry huh?  Look no further than bicep carry:



*FLLLLLex* Gun show loop hole?  Will it fit a Deagle brand Deagle?

A company called Arms Band makes and sells this holster for $35.

Every time I make fun of anything on here there are always a handful of people who think it’s a great idea.  Not only would this method print like crazy unless you’re wearing a shirt a few sizes larger and longer than your usual size (unless you normally dress like a tent), but you’ll also be flagging everyone pretty much every second after you leave the house.  Oh lawd don’t even get me started on the things that could go wrong during the draw.  At least the manufacturer acknowledges the dangers of the holster on the safety precautions page.

Developing a safe draw:

I can’t find a holster review (if one exists) on the USCCA website because it’s such a mess of proportions only attainable by a “marketing company”.  If there is one please let me know in the comments so I can link it.

Thoughts?  Would bicep carry?  I still think colon carry is the way to go if you’re really looking to fly under the radar.

Hat tip: Jason


23 responses to “The Audacity Of Handgun Bicep Carry”

  1. That Creepy Guy Avatar
    That Creepy Guy

    What!? (Yeahya!) What!?

  2. JRKey Avatar

    Awesome… I know what to get ENDO Mike for Christmas this year!

  3. Joethefatman™ Avatar

    Fatties(me) and the muscular(not me) need not even try.

  4. Todd S Avatar

    I prefer sub-testicular carry. DEEP cover.

  5. derpmaster Avatar

    yo dawg, I heard you like guns, so we strapped some guns to your guns so you can gun while you gun.

  6. Logan Avatar

    That instructional video with Blue from Old School is pretttty great. You’re my boy, Blue!

    1. tHAT cREEPY gUY Avatar
      tHAT cREEPY gUY

      HAHAHA!!!! Yes!

  7. Looks like slightly less flagging than any other shoulder holster (more if worn by a child). Personally, I think the whole “flagging” thing is being overdone. Guns point SOMEWHERE all the time.

    1. They do, but it’s generally best to make sure you point them at yourself and other people as seldom as possible.

  8. jim bob Avatar
    jim bob

    only truly concealed carry is to keister a derringer.

    i would buy if there was a forearm version.

  9. Regulus Avatar

    Shake my head. This shit is getting ridiculous.

  10. Drapetomanius Avatar

    Prison purse for true deep concealment. Boof your banger.

  11. TheBear Avatar

    Deep Carry.. Sex Machine style.

  12. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    I prefer to conceal under my fat rolls.

    1. Critter Avatar

      laugh if you will, but i knew a guy who did *just* that.

  13. Nathanael S. Avatar
    Nathanael S.

    It might work, but it’s a toughy for sure. Sounds more effective back-up gun territory to me.

  14. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    Mount it to your shoulder and connect it to a HUD like Predator

  15. Because having a loaded gun pointing towards your brachial artery is a great idea…

  16. They believe so much in how safe their product is, they’re going to make a video using a ASP Red Training Gun. Before winter, I bet they’ll come out with a throat carry system point at your head. Never-mind shooting yourself in the heart with the bicep carry holster, you’ll only need one round with the throat carry system.

  17. Dude that commentary of yours on this one had me on the floor, colon carry.

  18. Terry A Bryant Avatar
    Terry A Bryant

    To be honest that shit gansta, I want one.