Russian Spetsnaz Operator Competition

Larry Vickers AKA Mr-important-and-famous-frowny-pants visits a special forces training competition in Russia:

haha 2:33 the Russian guy turns into the LAV with the pointing, and tells Larry to “Listen”.

LOL 2:52 – “If the operator shoots a bystander target as a punishment he must write 12 letters to his imaginary relatives” and run 3 kilometers for each hole.

This video was kind of cool.. high production value, and some Russian operators doing a few neat things.  All in all I’m liking LAVs new vids.




5 responses to “Russian Spetsnaz Operator Competition”

  1. pointblank4445 Avatar

    No denying he’s about the only guy that can get the content/resources for these shows. Beats the hell out watchin’ some jerk-off shooting his 870 in his backyard, filmed on his me-maw’s camcorder.

    1. pointblank4445 Avatar

      I don’t know jack about video equip…but I’ve gotta believe that stuff ain’t cheap…

  2. Regulus Avatar


  3. DougE Avatar

    I didn’t watch the video, but I’m addressing the demotivational pic: This pic isn’t fair to the Spetsnaz, that incident was fueled by VERY determined terrorists and NO ONE saw that they were wanting to kill all their hostages. Usually demotivational pics are supposed to be funny or ironic, this is neither.

    1. pointblank4445 Avatar

      Somehow, I’m willing to bet it won’t bother them.