Buffalo Bob’s Exotic Meat Jerky Review

My name is ENDO-Mike, and I’m a jerky addict:



Well not really an addict, but I’ll jump at the chance to try any different type of jerky anyone wants to feed me.  As you can see above the meats are interesting to say the least, so when Jerky Dynasty asked me if I wanted to try some out I told them to send me the biggest pack they had.   I had never eaten ostrich, alligator, antelope, or kangaroo before so I didn’t know what to expect.  They were delicious!  I wrote down my thoughts on a few of the meats:

  • Ostrich – nice and moist, not too salty, great flavor, and just the right amount of sweetness
  • Kangaroo – really great flavor the perfect amount of salt
  • Duck – it was sweet because of the brown sugar. Really good flavor.
  • Antelope – tasted like wild meat. Really good flavor again and a bit of spice
  • Hickory Smoked elk flat one (not stick) – great flavor, subtle amount of smoke not overpowering
  • Honey ham natural hardwood smoke (stick) – delicious, sweet and subtle smoke


29 jerkies, almost all done… well that escalated quickly LOL.

If I had to pick sticks or strips, in the future I’d pick sticks because they are more moist… moister? (Is that a word?) Anyway… both of taste great, especially good snack when I paired them with some smoked cheddar I had on hand.

If you’re looking to treat yourself or even your dad this father’s day head over to Jerky Dynasty and check out their selection.

Packing some of these when your hunting would not only satisfy your hunger but also motivate you to bag your own delicious animal.


17 responses to “Buffalo Bob’s Exotic Meat Jerky Review”

  1. hydepark Avatar

    I know I’m going to be in the minority here but I think eating meat is truly repugnant. I know, I used to make fun of my friend relentlessly for being vegan until I actually started doing my own research and everything. Been a vegetarian for over two years and it’s honestly one of if not the best decision I’ve ever made. I get a lot of flack at work and from friends but it’s more than worth it in terms of health, budget, and morals. Can’t even stand the smell of raw or cooking meat anymore.

    1. Maybe, it’s because you go around preaching about it like it some how makes you morally superior! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8LnxSjWWD8

      1. hydepark Avatar

        I try not to preach too hard but it’s something that’s been a part of my life for a while and most likely, barring some sort of apocalypse, I’ll never eat meat again. And personally I do believe it’s morally superior. Just my opinions and experience. YMMV.

    2. Yeah because the tons of animals beaten to death in harvesters and combines make it really worth it. It’s a lvl2 “I don’t want to see the murders I’m eating”.

      1. lolinski Avatar

        I am not a vegan/vegetarian for practical reasons, I am from southern Europe for chrissakes. the only meal without meat I know about is Zeljanica (sort of spinach pie, really good IMO) and salads, yes the soups have meat too.

        Also I don’t have moral problems with it since I usually raise and slaughter my meat myself.

      2. hydepark Avatar

        In college I took quite a few logic and ethics classes. Unfortunately most professors are super progressive liberals, but it was well worth the effort. Utilitarianism. Check it out sometime. Interesting stuff.

  2. I on the other hand applaud all vegetarians. The less meat they eat the more beef jerky for me! Too bad stuff like that is impossible to get in eastern europe.

  3. Mr_Rich Avatar

    Can I find this fine jerky at any gunshow?

    1. Anonymoose Avatar

      Or boatshow, RV show, or generic “outdoors” show, etc, etc…

  4. Scott Avatar

    What does the alligator taste like? I’ve never had aligator. I hear it is horrifying and tough.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I don’t specifically remember it, but none of the flavors / jerky meats were bad tasting. Alligator on its own might be a different story.

    2. lolinski Avatar

      Like chicken, only difference is it has four legs, is much bigger, has no feathers and doesn’t taste like chicken at all.

      I would like to find out one day, Had a friend who hunted crocs and alligators in his homeland.

  5. jim bob Avatar
    jim bob

    No cat or dog? no sale

  6. dgdimick Avatar

    I guess I’ll now have to buy and “Everything” pack. It sure looks good.

  7. I actually know the guy who makes these meats, Gary Zick. He is an old family friend and went to my church before we moved. I’ve been to his shop a few times and hung out at his house when i was younger. His stuff is really good though. He was a youth group leader when i was a kid and he would bring in meat snacks for the kids. He is a super nice guy.

  8. jbird1feather Avatar

    Being a huge jerky fan and have made delicious jerky from beef and venison myself, I wanted to try it. The venison didn’t taste anything like venison loads of salt though! I am looking at Smoked Buffalo jerky with trepidation. I would not recommend this product at all!