Terrible Airsoft Gun After Effects In 4k Resolution

From the Panasonic GH4:

The video looks damn good to me.  haha @ those after effects though.

I posted this mainly because DigitalRev TV is an awesome YouTube channel for photography related videos.  The main guy on there was actually one of the primary reasons I bit the bullet and bought the Canon 60D camera a while back.  Definitely not something I regret.

AirsoftI can hardly wait until 4k monitors come way down in price, and preferably Apple releases a large 27″ or greater one.  That will likely push me to sell my iMacs and cop a Mac Pro.


Hat tip: Kurt


4 responses to “Terrible Airsoft Gun After Effects In 4k Resolution”

  1. James P Avatar
    James P

    I’ve seen one of his camera reviews before, good stuff. I can’t for the life of me figure out that accent though.

  2. 032125 Avatar

    Airsoft as a training supplement I can get behind, but airsoft for people who will never send lead downrange is just sad. He goes to great lengths to animate a flash, but doesn’t even try to mime recoil. He’s probably never felt so much as a .22 recoil. Poor, poor Brits. They exported all of their ideas on liberty, then promptly forgot them.

  3. rrc matt Avatar
    rrc matt

    I thought I was watching an episode of the walking dead for a minute. Same exact crappy muzzle flashes.

  4. Ahha, I totally agree with Matt, it really looks like a Walking Dead series =)