Why Haley Strategic Dynamic Operative Operational Partners Exists

Travis answers a question people apparently have asked him:

hahah what kind of an asshole asks “Why does your company exist?”  Seriously, EXIST? hahah if someone asked me why ENDO exists I’d just laugh, I wouldn’t put out a 5.5 minute YouTube video that’s for sure but to each their own.

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOMan I’m so glad I can just live my life without having to over think everything like Travis.  Good guy to listen to, and obviously a good American but damn is he long winded and deep.



4 responses to “Why Haley Strategic Dynamic Operative Operational Partners Exists”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Do you even exist, bro?

  2. Al Cohol Avatar
    Al Cohol

    The guys thought process is unreal. I can’t imagine what goes through his brain just when he thinks about feeding his kid a corn dog let alone what lotion to put on his face. In all seriousness though, I think of Travis Haley as like the Steve Jobs of the tactical industry. Not as much in terms of innovation, but his thinking and thought process is so deep. He’s by far the most genius guy in the industry.

  3. Sportster Avatar

    Haley Strategic Selected To Be First Tactical Astronaut! Congratulations to Mr. Haley.

    Here’s the NASA press conference. The reaction from Travis Haley shocked the crowd.


  4. dgdimick Avatar

    ENDO is on;ly here to feed my ADHD, and a place to document my lack of typeing abilites and proof read my messages, and speel check

    WhenI stop coming ENDO will fold up, close the doors, and go the way of my ex-wife – Still there, but is an under laying irritation to me.