Natalie Foster On Gun Owner Guilt

Natalie doesn’t play that:

middle-eastern-friend1:15 – OH LAAAWWWD NATALIE WHY YOU GOTTA BETRAY MY TRUST?!  This “Middle Eastern neighbor and friend” of yours is just a stock photo.  This type of deception is something like Mom’s Demand Action would pull, thinking we wouldn’t notice.  I full expect an actual “USie” of you and your Middle Eastern buddy to be posted on Instagram posthaste or else I’m calling shenanigans on the whole thing. :P



9 responses to “Natalie Foster On Gun Owner Guilt”

  1. The word you’re looking for is metaphor. Your neighbor down the street, the guy you see in town eating burgers at lunch, maybe even the family man at your local mosque who just wants to live the American dream….. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit there of, is who she is talking about.

    In my favorite armpit of the world, Iraq, specifically, Ramadi and Fallujah, 99% of the people there just want to live their lives free from violence and politics. They want to buy food at the market and send their kids to school. She is speaking about this majority.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha I know, hence the :P after the paragraph.

  2. Michael Avatar

    Maybe he didn’t want his photo online, so she used a stock photo instead? Maybe she didn’t have a photo of him handy and grabbed a stock image off the internet? There could be a bunch of reasons. If someone was talking about their gun and used a stock photo, would it really matter? Does it mean that they don’t own the gun? Maybe they just liked the stock photo better than any picture they were able to take. In retrospect, maybe she should have put a little disclaimer on the image saying “not my actual neighbor.”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I know Michael, hence the :P after the paragraph. I was just giving her a rough time.

  3. Jesus her presentation makes me feel rather ill. Whoever is writing those scripts and directing the edits is doing a really bad job of making the “individuals” they have retain their individuality… The delivery is identical to Mr Colion Noir…

  4. The “he” is a “she”. ;) I don’t do the graphics. I write, deliver and see it again when you do. And I agree- I was a little feisty in this one. Maybe I watched too many Mr.C videos before we shot this. I’ll stick to my usual iJustine from now on.

    USie coming forthwith.

    Also- your readers are pretty rad.

    1. Good to hear you are keeping it real. Pretty sure it will result in a more sincere message.

  5. Glenn Avatar

    I honestly think these NRA message ads would work better if they weren’t so over-produced. The fact that a stock photo was used is just one example of that, as are all the other busy graphics. Its graphics meant to illustrate the words that Natalie is speaking. Just let Dom, Colion, Natalie, Billy, & the rest speak w/o all of the distracting backgrounds.

  6. lolinski Avatar

    Now you also know what it is like to be a minority.

    Everytime a terrorist act happens I hope it isn’t a muslim who did it because everyone will pester me about it.