NRAWomen – Love At First Shot

Starring Girls Guide to Guns lady boss / NRA News commentator Natalie Foster:

Looks like it’s going to be a really well done show.  I’m not above watching shows tailored towards women and by women, if they are interesting.  The worst is when shows like this are done by old guys thinking they “know what the women enjoy, such as pink colored stuff and lots of kitchen talk”.  From the preview I’m under the impression that Natalie seems to have a lot of creative control, so I’m sure it will be good.

NRA-Women-Love-At-First-ShotThe NRA has a special NRA Women site for this show with other woman related topics and initiatives, and a forum you can check out (or tell your wife, girlfriend etc… about)



7 responses to “NRAWomen – Love At First Shot”

  1. “From cooking to conceal carrying” LMAO!! So we know it’s still scripted and produced by some geezer NRA guy who while supporting women carrying, still can’t quite get over their privilege to drive and right to vote. At least the kitchen is safer when that “skirt” is making him dinner and scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees!

    1. jim bob Avatar

      i like it when the broad on her knees is carrying a piece. i may even create a pron cite appealing to those with similar tastes.

      1. Lmao

    2. Because clearly no woman could possibly have any interest in things like fashion and housekeeping. That would be sexist!

    3. May you get the true 1:1 equality woman of your dreams complete with low-maintenance, practical buzz cut, unhampered natural body hair, and nothing with that oppressive, “feminine,” crap like that unrealistic runway model body. All that shit’s holding her back.

  2. Johnishootstuff Avatar

    God, she has amazing hair.

  3. TheBear Avatar

    I showed this clip to my gf and she is interested in watching the show now.

    I think a lot of this really does speak to women.