Larry Potterfield Drops A Huge Ceremonial Check Off To The NRA

My man “Midway LP” in his snazzy yellow sport coat making it rain in Indy:

Jan 2, 1992 – April 25, 2014…. that’s 22 years worth of rounding up.  $9.892 Million is a lot of money.

american-flag1:37 – Only LP would casually ask where his bro Mike McGill is in the crowd and holler at him.

The memo on the check should have read “that’s the way it is” (his catch phrase).


3 responses to “Larry Potterfield Drops A Huge Ceremonial Check Off To The NRA”

  1. I’ve met him. He is really a very nice guy. My Ex-wife’s Dad worked for Midway USA. He took us on a tour of the whole place. Some considerable amount of my money is buried somewhere in all those numbers.

  2. derpmaster Avatar

    Larry Potterfield is so based. His company is awesome (they won a Malcolm Baldrige award, which is a seriously big deal) and he is so anti political correctness that his official company marketing literature includes a series of his memoirs called “Larry’s Short Stories” which mostly involve him shooting whatever random ass animal wanders into his crosshairs. Link here:

    I’m not a hunter but I respect a guy who runs a badass shooting supply company and writes about his legal hunting exploits. Larry Potterfield literally gives zero fucks, he runs an awesome company, plus he supports the 2nd amendment. He’s pretty much awesome in every way.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha so based. Cool I’ll have to check out Larry’s stories. He does seem like a good guy!