Happiness Is A 3D Printed Gun

Our guy Cody Wilson in an interview with ReasonTV:

Holy that guy can talk; intelligent conversation though for sure.  I don’t think I’ve said that many words since 2014 started.

Definitely worth watching to hear some history on the Liberator 3d Printed Pistol, and his new BitCoin project DarkWallet.  We also find out that his legal team is being headed by RKBA law superstar Alan Gura… awesome.

I keep hoping Cody wears one of the Liberator Pistol Builders Club t-shirts I sent him sometime in an interview.



3 responses to “Happiness Is A 3D Printed Gun”

  1. Taofledermaus Avatar

    Holdy meth-mouth, 3d print yourself some new teeth bro.

    1. The Open source 3d printed toothbrush project suffered during the liberator days. That mouth is a product of Mountain Dew Code Red.

  2. *head explodes*