Is 2014 The Year Of The AK?

There is a LOT of AK videos coming out this year.  FPS Russia does some cool stuff:

Ugh that accent is getting real old.  It was heavy this time but didn’t even sound remotely Russian.

3:20 – The chicken man?!  haha that’s pretty good.

FPS-RussiaK this video was interesting… he’s getting better again.   Hope we see creativity like this from now on, but with added enthusiasm.



6 responses to “Is 2014 The Year Of The AK?”

  1. I bet he really wishes he started this shit years ago without the Russian accent

  2. I’d like to point out that the Saiga-12 shown at 1:03 is the same EXACT gun as the Saiga-12 shown in the last post (IV1888 – Top 5 Guns To Scare Your Daughter’s Boyfriend) They hang out i guess!

    1. They did a vid together a month of two ago so I’m sure you’re right. Good eye.

    2. blehtastic Avatar

      Pretty sure that was IV8888’s range.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Holy yea you guys have a good eye.

        For a split second when I saw the IV8888 vid I was like “That Saiga has a similar vertical charging handle”, but didn’t make the connection haha.

  3. 7.62×39 > 5.56×45. fact.