BeardAway Tactical Beard Concealment

For operators by operators:



BeardAway-3Another April fools joke, but I’m sure people are lining up to buy this.  The company who makes it is called Applied Orange, and they operate out of the Netherlands.

The velcro patch is definitely a good feature.  People love patches.  Looks like MilSpec Monkey (the patch king) in the pics.

Hat tip: Dutch Defence Press


4 responses to “BeardAway Tactical Beard Concealment”

  1. Not a single MOLLE on that thing… How to attach a few mag pouches and stuff?

    1. Typical keyboard kommando wanting PALS webbing on everything. All the tier 1 and higher units run slick TBCs. At most you do like the SAS or Spetznaz and run a pint bladder of Scotch or Vodka inside the TBC.

  2. FOBO, the white man’s FUBU.

  3. RS00956 Avatar

    If was real Nutntactical and Range tool time would be all over piece of queer gear.