Double Underfolder AK-47 – What Does It Mean?

It’s beautiful:

Carnik Con delivers a parody of double rainbow in case you’re not familiar, except this one has more ‘MERICA.  Crying at the sight of double rainbows is definitlely not ‘MERICA.  I hope the terrorist don’t see that video, although at almost 40 Million views you can pretty much bet it’s in every terrorist propaganda movie ever made since January of 2010.


9 responses to “Double Underfolder AK-47 – What Does It Mean?”

  1. Ole'Wolf Avatar

    Ah! Ah! Ah!… a shoulder thing the goes down!
    With a sticky thing that goes down too!
    A Assault-Assualt Weapon!!!

  2. VFontenot Avatar

    Get that man with the camera a towel. Sounds like he just loaded the front of his drawers.

  3. With the gun-blog manufactured ‘supply shortage’ of Russian ammo, even a single underfold sighting will soon be as rare as a unicorn. A double underfold sighting would be like meeting Chuck Norris in person.

    1. VFontenot Avatar

      And living to tell about it.

  4. Hahahaha. Glad u explained it. I never say the double rainbow vid before. LOL

  5. Taofledermaus Avatar

    That dude reminds me that Captain Obvious guy for some reason.

  6. lolinski Avatar

    What is the music at the end?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Dugan makes his own music, but you can’t download it anywhere yet as far as I know. According to the youtube description he calls this particular song “Granada”.

      1. lolinski Avatar

        I hope he releases an album soon. Loved the bullpup song.