Do The 10 Crack Commandments Apply To YouTube?

Jerry Miculek obviously doesn’t feel they do:

Rule #7 – This rule is so underrated Keep your family and business completely separated.

If you didn’t get the reference… educate yourself with some rap history.

Dramatic-Movie-Gunshot-DeathA lot of YouTubers definitely live by all 10.  Sheeeeeeit I’ve been knowing some for years and they run out of P.O. boxes and use aliases like true YouTube G’s.  The phone numbers I had for them were probably burners even, tossed after the last vid was uploaded.  That’s how you survive online these days though.  On this YouTube thing they play for keeps.



3 responses to “Do The 10 Crack Commandments Apply To YouTube?”

  1. TheBear Avatar

    My take away is that the girl (Jerry’s daughter?) is pretty cute and comes across WAYYY less freaky-insane than any of the chicks on the Glock team.

    I used to think Tori Nonaka was hot before I read about all the dramz involving her and Abbate divorce.

  2. Rule #4, I know ya heard this one before….
    … never get high on ya own supply number 5….

  3. More of the life lessons schooled by the great prophet B.I.G. – if you don’t know you betta ask sumbadda!