Why The Ares Armor Raid Should Outrage America

YouTuber TheRealTrippleB with a great video:

TheRealTrippleB-YouTubeDamn when someone is that good in front of the camera, puts that much effort into editing, and that much effort into making the video look so clean it’s so refreshing.  He had a lot of good things to say too… and the video was funny which automatically wins points from me.  His beard is legit too, so bonus points for that.

If you need to get caught up on the ATF Ares Armor raid follow that link.

I still see some buzz around the internet that the 80% lowers were somehow “illegal” because of the steps taken in the manufacturing process.  I really hope that’s not the case, because if it is that’s a pretty large oversight on behalf of the manufacturer.



13 responses to “Why The Ares Armor Raid Should Outrage America”

  1. Therealcombatwombat Avatar

    That is one hip trendy middle aged man.

  2. Taofledermaus Avatar

    And NONE of the artsy-fartsy not-looking-at-the-camera shit that, for some reason, drives me crazy.

  3. Regulus Avatar

    I have been following the “realtrippleB” for a while now. All of his vids are done very well. He needs more views and follower. I’ve been waiting for ENDO to pick him up. Glad you finally did. He is a true patriot.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You guys should email me if there’s someone I’m missing out on! That’s how I found out about most of the people I post about.

      1. Regulus Avatar

        Lol I will ;-)

  4. Aw man, I was gonna build a cafe racer too. I sure aint gonna look like some dirty hipster now though!

    Excellent presentation! I just wish he provided links to sources for some of the other things he referenced, I’m not familiar with those sniping and roasting events.

  5. Squirreltactical Avatar

    @Mount: Pretty sure the sniping thing is referencing Waco and Lon Horiuchi. No idea about the roasting thing though.

    I know the Ares guys and I highly doubt they would do anything illegal. Like most of us, they get a kick out of pissing off Libtard Antigunners by abiding by the law. Can’t wait to see them get some justice in this case.

    1. DenverWill Avatar

      Sniping was Horiuchi at Ruby Ridge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Ridge

      Roasting is Waco. Also with Horiuchi, FWIW. Charmer, that guy.

      1. Squirreltactical Avatar


        That was my bust.

  6. Great vid. Good its getting some attention.
    He put some effort into it! Glad it’s paying off.

    My experience is that youtube vids you put effort into rarely pay off and its the stupid vids that took no effort that do the best. Good for him!!

  7. Yep, that was better than all the dom raso/MCN nra videos combined. GOod find Mike. And the MCN and dom raso nra videos are good as well…and would be better sans music and other half assed effects.

  8. This guy’s Youtube banner says “Modern american lawyer”, so I guess that let’s us pigeonhole him as the white Colion Noir? :D

    1. … and of course, I discover my typos just as I hit “Submit” in a comment function that has no edit button :p
      (lets, not let’s…)