Red Hot Muzzle Brake – Honey & Ivory Soap

Mattv2099 drops it like it’s hot:

Matt is sponsored by Ivory, but not the honey manufacturer… that’s why you don’t see brand labels on the honey.  Because I’m a loser though, I entered the numbers off the barcode into Amazon and volia… Kirkland (Costco) 5lb clover honey.  Additionally I nerded out and scanned it with Google Goggles to get the same result:


Mattv2099-ENDO-Builders-ClubHoly that was exhausting… I’m not used to doing work for posts like that. Normally I say some derpy things then move on. Please at least comment on how blown away you were by my sleuthing, and how I taught you a valuable life skill.

His YouTube comments are disappointing on this one… everyone is too happy and complimentary.  Not enough people getting trolled.