New Orleans Police Officer Dancing On The Job – Mardi Gras

NOPD does not stand for NO Police Dancing:

haha I wonder what the back story is?  Did they teach him those choreographed moves in advance?

New-Orleans-Police-DeptIn before the “My tax dollars _______” comments. *eye roll*  I bet the 0:53 seconds that took is worth a lifetime of good public relations memories (maybe even taking the place of bad memories) for some of the people that witnessed that, which is pretty much priceless.


Hat tip: Tyler


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  1. Alien426 Avatar

    I’ve got no problem with that. They eventually do a 360° look around.

  2. This reminds me of the dancing traffic cop who could bust-a-move.

  3. There’s loads of dancing cops online. One that hit media here lately was this recording from a police motorcycle course in the late 90’s that just surfaced, the instructor sure has that boogie down:

    The danish police bring their own dance floor lights to the mix :p

  4. gettin it hehe

  5. Audacia77 Avatar

    It’s nice to see a Peace Officer again.

  6. “Madame, you’re son just die in a car crash on the interstate, really sorry, but…hey have you see my dance ?!”

    This kind of stupidity deserve all LEO’s.

    1. Huh??

      1. As foreigner sorry for my bad english.
        My point is about the fact that’s the same officer who will be in charge to announce bad news, very bad news to people who will see this before..
        And sorry but no, I won’t accept, more by dignity than the taxpayer complaint, that’s could be done by a dancing clown.
        What would think someone who go back to his car with a broken windows or a stollen wallet during this event ? “Sure, this damn cop have time to dance but their real job…”
        Tomorow : “Hey !! but last you dance on street and now you give me a ticket”.
        This conduct is stupid.
        You wan’t to dance you remove the uniform, it will be more comfortable.

        1. Al Cohol Avatar

          Go back to where you came from and take your lack of a sense of humor with you.

        2. This isn’t a third world country, our police are permitted to smile sometimes.

          1. Really ? With 18 000 Billions of national debt and 50 Millions people at food stamps, you’re not totaly yet a third world countries, right.
            But don’t pass to many time to dance or to make humor, imao…

            1. GameChanger Avatar

              A cop dancing makes a difference about national debt or food stamps? Cops don’t hand out food stamps or have control over the national debt… The struggle is real

              1. If, for you, a cop who don’t smile or act like a clown, even during an happy event is a sign of thirld world country more than economics datas, that’s ok. I prefer the contrary.
                If you don’t see that this kind of behaviour blurs the symbols and have a negative effect on long-term policy, that’s great. It explains the mentality who rise the national debt somewhere. At short term, you will be happy because to see the man paied to do a job, don’t really do it and you hope that when he have to do against you he won’t do anymore.
                Please dance.

                1. GameChanger Avatar

                  You are really struggling with this dancing cop, national debt, long term policy argument. Like I said in a previous post:

                  This is a similar to the hearts and minds tactic used by the U.S. military, they hand out candy and stuffed animals to kids in the same way that his dancing is showing that he is human with a personality making him and other officers much more approachable if someone needs help. If you lost respect for him simply because he danced, he has a badge, gun, and cuffs to dance your ass to jail :)

                  1. Hey no, I understand perfectly the goal or the method and it’s not me who believe that a mortuary face for police officer is typical from third world. It was a reply.
                    I just find it unfair und counter-productive.
                    Unfair because you play a role of “friends” while circumstances, one time or another, will surelly make you unpleasant.
                    Counter-productive because in case of faillure, as explains, you can’t deter people to think “they better to dance more than solve my problems”.
                    The links made by me with debt is that people prefers immédiate pleasants situations even it’s means poor present and nasty consequence. That’s not the only vidéos of dancing cop and the sum just make me think like this.

                    1. Don’t worry man I’m gonna get the cops number and tell him he should be worrying about the national debt! He’ll be sorry!

        3. Just to let you know…as can be demonstrated by the crowd on the street….this is during Mardi Gras.

          He is DOING HIS JOB. His job is to watch the crowd, interact with the public, and take care of disorder.

          If that means dancing…… he’ll dance.

          1. Well…I hope that the next porn movie convention won’t set in New Orléans. They seems so concerned by the vibes, the interactions…

            Of course he does the job.

            1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
              GreenMountain Human

              A.g. you’re probably a nice guy in real life, and I’m sure you mean well, but in the context of this discussion, you’re being an idiot. Here in ‘Merica, the job of police is supposed to be “protect and serve” the public. Not to be giving everyday citizens the evil-eye and violating their rights. Lighten up, bro.

              1. You’re right. My react on this site, humor oriented, is perhaps a little bit emphased, or shifted. I wear myself a patch with “assist-serve-protect” and I will assure you I prefer this than an old soviet or north korean police mentality. And I’m not the last one to be ready for a party, be sure… I prefer just a sincere and polite distance on duty than an, perhaps not hypocrite, but dual proximity.
                People won’t be less indulgent but more dissapointed with youre faillure.

    2. Lighten up, Francis.

  7. jim bob Avatar

    this is just a distraction. will they be doing the electric slide during the next disaster when they come to take away your guns? Gun Confiscation 2: Electric Boogaloo

    never take your eyes off The Man.

    1. That’s exactly the point. How they will be per perceived when they wil have to enforce the laws,-I hope for you overthere for no gun confiscation-, after acting like clowns ?
      Lost credit is never returned.

      1. Dude…its the NOPD.

        They don’t have any credit NOW.

        NOPD stands for Not Our Problem Dude. Especially after Katrina.

        I know. I grew up in New Orleans. The NOPD is GREAT during carnival, though.

  8. They are doing the Wobble. It’s really nice seeing a cop have a little fun instead of shooting dogs and beating people up for recording.

  9. JoeDeke Avatar

    They call it Community Policing

    Would you prefer faceless automatons for cops?

  10. Dude’s got game. Give him a donut.

  11. Hunter57dor Avatar


  12. As a lifelong New Orleans resident, I can provide a little background. During the Mardi Gras season, its all hands on deck for the NOPD everyone in the department has to work overtime to keep the festivities safe for the people of new orleans. Even captains don their blues and hit the streets to help keep order. For the busiest 2 weeks of the mardi gras season, the NOPD are out standing on parade routes and in the french quarter for 12 hours at a time. Mardi Gras in new orleans has been called “the largest controlled riot in the world” for a reason. The NOPD does a great job of keeping order, and letting people let loose. Residents stand on the same street corner to watch parades year after year, and sometimes the same officers are stationed to a particular corner/area year after year too. Impromptu dance parties and laughing and having fun with the LEOs near your corner, during mardi gras weekend especially, is quite common. We appreciate the difficult job they do keeping hundreds of thousands of drunk people from killing each other, and they let us have fun as long as we dont go too far. Laughing with the people and dancing like this helps them with their community relations and helps the officers relax and blow off some steam from being overworked during the carnival season. Although most cops dont have moves like this hehe

    TLDR: the NOPD is incredibly overworked during mardi gras, stuff like this happens a lot so they dont go crazy.

    1. We’ve got the same problem especially in French antilles, or some cities in the north. Based on lunar calendar the period could reach more than two months. “Vidés” a bad tradition who could be translated by “emptied” is giant boxing fight between members of neighborhoods at the end of daily block party. Same who laughs, drinks, dances, and sings few time before fights to blood for no real reason and do the sames things the next day. Add to long duty time, noise everywhere don’t ease the physical recovery and LEO have to have fun too.
      Of course nobody have to show mortuary or robot face during an happy moment of festivity and yes, drunked meat are really troublesome. Yes. Public relations and smooth attitude are essentials to not ruins the party.
      But to dance and to record it… it’s a little bit too much for me.

      1. Al Cohol Avatar

        cool story bro

        1. No. Really not. That’s not a contest. I just try to explain that you don’t have to find excuse to look like a dumb.
          But don’t worry. You want clown with uniform, you will have what you wan’t.
          People have what they deserves

          1. GameChanger Avatar

            This is a similar to the hearts and minds tactic used by the US military, they hand out candy and stuffed animals to kids in the same way that his dancing is showing that he is human with a personality making him and other officers much more approachable if someone needs help. If you lost respect for him simply because he danced, he has a badge, gun, and cuffs to dance your ass to jail :)

    2. Where Y’at, dahlin! I’m from Metarie.

      Heh, I basically said the same thing up above.

      The NOPD is good during Mardi Gras.

      During Mardi Gras….

  13. VFontenot Avatar

    As a Louisiana native this doesn’t surprise me one bit. NOLA has been on the death spiral for years now. Even long before Katrina wrecked.

    1. I don’t see what any of that has to do with the video of the officer dancing. Are you trying to suggest that the NOPD officer’s dancing is symbolic of NOLA’s slow destruction?

  14. DoubleTap Avatar

    +1 that guy was cutting a rug !!!!!

  15. PAPAGE0RG10 Avatar

    I think it’s cool. Gives a sense of humanity to LEOs. Not all of them are evil. I have a few LEO friends, and they have families to go home to, just like the rest of us.

  16. I’ve gotten to point that if I see an LEO uniform or car I will try to be anywhere else but near them. I’m even questionable on seeing the “missing person” vehicle on the highway if I would inform LEO.

    So I see this as an opportunity fro them to be the local cops and not Law Enforcement. If they keep the same attitude year round, they might actually get some help from the people around them as opposed a stone wall of silence.

  17. Better dancing than gunning down citizens on a bridge.

  18. He kept his cloths on, so I’m good!

  19. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Bitches that can’t dance be hatin’. This guy clearly has game. The only way I see this affecting his policing ability is if a known felon showed up, challenged him to a dance off, and won. Hats off to this Peace Officer. -1 to the haters.

  20. matthew Avatar

    AS someone who lives in new orleans this is something that is perfectly fine during mardi gras. From what I can tell from the video it looks like this was on either Carollton ave or canal street before Endymion rolled through that night.

    NOPD has many many faults, but what they are the best in the world at is crowd control. Mardi Gras is when the police really are out to protect and serve the people. If you notice in the early part of the video there is another officer right down the block, and Im willing to bet there were a few more just out of camera sight.

    NOPD’s job is to make sure that everyone is out having a good time including them. Asa n ealrier poster said basically the entire force is out in uniform along the parade route during mardi gras.

    Oh and if someone were out on that route misbehaving NOPd would quickly resolve the situation.

    This is what makes new orleans one of the greatest cities in the world

    1. Got that right.

      Watched two horse cops control three blocks of Bourbon St. one Mardi Gras day. Cleared half a block in seconds to stop a fight.

    2. AgIRLwhoLovesLife Avatar

      Yes, this is not an uncommon occurrence for NOPD… they interact with the community.

      Yes they would.

  21. AgIRLwhoLovesLife Avatar

    So… you want to know why our man did what he did? It was because in his job you have to maintain the respect of the people. What better why of earning the respect of the community than to act like one of them for a moment. Don’t say know to something like joining in with the folks on the street during a Festival

    1. Yeah, yeah ok I admit. Carnival could be THE moment where a cop on uniform who is not totaly ridiculous. Otherwise dancing cop videos boring me and the only who is suitable is on a Village People clip…