Ivory Assault Soap Shotgun Slugs

Taofledermaus with an invention to clean and disperse hobos at the same time:


“99 44⁄100% Pure 12GA Awesome”.  They actually worked a lot better than expected.

Wow I just noticed Tao has 176,000 subscribers.  Impressive stuff.  I’m surprised some of his videos don’t get as much hate as Mattv2099 gets on a daily basis, even though they do some similar things but Mattv2099 takes more of a trolling delivery and approach I suppose. Glad to have them both on the blog as a commenters.



2 responses to “Ivory Assault Soap Shotgun Slugs”

  1. Taofledermaus has taught me 63% of what I know about YouTube.
    He is truly a master troll.

    1. TaoFlederMaus Avatar

      I have plenty of haters. Not only do I have the satisfaction of seeing people get publicly butthurt, but I get all that Googley monies too.