Jerry Miculek Tests Out A Pillow Silencer

He says it made it quite a bit quieter.  No db reduction or anything for us, but I’ll take his word for it:

Miss-America-Mallory-HaganThese videos of his only need to be about 2 minutes long, but are usually longer.  Funny stuff lots of times though, but I usually end up skipping through to the shooting and slow motion.  Reminds me of 22Plinkster’s early days… now he speeds things up though.  People want to see shooting not talking.

Thoughts? Next up Potato on the end of the handgun?


2 responses to “Jerry Miculek Tests Out A Pillow Silencer”

  1. How about the 2-liter bottle?

  2. Jake Wright Avatar
    Jake Wright

    It’ll definitely help keep Coke, or zombie brains, off of the shooter. That’s always a good thing.