Glock Took A Perfection And Confidence Beating But Bounced Back

You might recall the whole cartridge leaving the barrel derp in a promo video they put out a few days ago:

Glock-Whole-CartridgeWell that got swept under the rug and cleaned up in editing.  Now we’re left with just a plain old bullet exiting the barrel:

Someone sent me the full old video in 720p, so I’ll put it in my “archives” along with the other classic removed videos I managed to collect.

Thoughts? Think someone got fired over that mistake?


6 responses to “Glock Took A Perfection And Confidence Beating But Bounced Back”

  1. Mike S. Avatar

    I highly doubt someone at Glock was responsible for the mistake. Many companies both big and small ousource their video production work to video editing contractors. The hilarious mistake was most likely committed at the hands of an editing geek who isn’t familiar with the finer points of how a cartridge cycles. That said, shame on Glock for not reviewing and catching the error before allowing it to be posted to YouTube.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go thumb some rounds backwards into a USP magazine.

  2. “Plus, we fire the whole bullet! That’s 65% more bullet, per bullet!”

    1. xD

  3. feartomorrow Avatar

    The best part is that it’s just the tip of the bullet, they just snapped the case off in the 3D model so now it’s shooting a little chode projectile!!!

    1. hydepark Avatar

      I thought the same thing after watching it a second time. Wow, Glock, get your shit together.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ahah yea good point. You can actually still see the shape of the whole cartridge in those fancy particles they have for effects at that point too.