Glocks Shoot Whole Cartridges Not Just Bullets

Someone at Glock left the After Effects machine on.  Oh yea, and an HK Level mega-derp happens:

In case the video disappears – this happened at 0:20 LOLOL:


Seriously?  Last time I checked Glock the company was reportedly worth a few billion dollars.  Do they NOT have EVEN ONE person there who could micromanage the marketing and promotions team!?!?  If I had any desire to ever work for anyone again, I would make Glock (which happens to be my favorite firearms company) an offer they couldn’t refuse and clean things up around there.

Apparently the video was released at SHOT Show this past January. I find it hard to believe the thousands of gun people there didn’t make fun of it enough, that they would change that part before uploading it to YouTube. New Troll-Marketing strategy over there maybe? haha

Besides the mega-derp the vid was actually pretty cool.  A lot better than most of their other promo videos.



16 responses to “Glocks Shoot Whole Cartridges Not Just Bullets”

  1. So much for that Glock perfection huh?

  2. George11c Avatar

    They probably outsource advertising to Sterling Cooper or something. I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyway, perhaps we are being trolled?

    1. if theyre stupid enough to release a single stack .380 when everyone was asking for 9, I’m pretty sure theyre stupid enough for this.

      1. feartomorrow Avatar


        1. doyletoo Avatar

          Amen. Actually a big Glock fan, but the G42 has
          me stumped. It seems a solution to a problem
          nobody has. Shoulda been a nine, not a .380

          1. You misunderstand. You think Glock is supposed to make the gun consumers want to buy. Clearly consumers are supposed to buy the gun Glock makes.

            Although apparently some LE departments are jumping on board so maybe they’ve been requesting single stack .380s. Glock DOES care about what LE departments want.

  3. lolinski Avatar

    Can’t stop thinking of the Portal ad:

    More stopping power by launching more bullet.

  4. Tao Fleder Maus Avatar
    Tao Fleder Maus

    Haha, that is just SO bad.

  5. Dale Smith Avatar
    Dale Smith

    And it’s gone. hahahaha

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL nice

  6. Shooter McGavin Avatar
    Shooter McGavin

    Maybe they took a page out of Aperture Science…IT’S 65% MORE BULLET!

    1. Shooter McGavin Avatar
      Shooter McGavin

      G’dammit…I was beat to it

  7. hydepark Avatar

    Anybody know where to find the video for those of us that missed it? You would think that people know by now that just taking a video or photo down from where they initially uploaded it doesn’t rid it for all of internet eternity.

  8. DAMN, Im late, but yeah, this came to mind right away:

  9. Glock Marketing VP to Glock video editor: Piers. You had one job.

  10. anyone have a copy of the original video?

    sadly, the only remaining manufacturer derp video on youtube is the browning BLR video.