Merle From Walking Dead At The Shooting Range

Nice to see an actor who can actually shoot:

The-Walking-Dead-AMC-ZombiesHEADSHOTS ALL DAY with this guy.  I suddenly like his character on the show a bit more.

Thoughts?  Would operate with Merle?

Hat tip: Cargosquid


12 responses to “Merle From Walking Dead At The Shooting Range”

  1. From reading somewhere on the intertubes he owns a gun range.

    1. Yeah that’s what I was going to point out. He did an interview with The Nerdist where he mentions IIRC he’s a part-owner of a gun range in Cali.

  2. Merle operatin’!!

  3. I like how the chick has to point out that it might not be OK to just run down range and look at the targets. Are there other people shooting on that range?

  4. He grew his hand back! Nice shoot’n

  5. Don’t you love the “political comment” at the 11 to 14 second mark?

    The comments over at Zombie Squad forums are great.

    They also mention the “run down the gun range comment.”

  6. Forgot to add.

    Would the fact that “Merle” missed the governor with a rifle…even with that bad hand….be OSCAR worth acting now that we know how well he shoots?

    This guy needs to get more into action movies.

  7. Merle is a badass. true story.

  8. Michael Rooker is too cool. Even after watching Walking Dead it’s hard for me not to see him as Rowdy from Days of Thunder or Hal from Cliffhanger. I got a chance to meet him at the Call Of Duty XP event in LA. I had no idea he was the voice actor in Black Ops and Black Ops II. Maybe I should give them a try now?…

    1. andyhasky Avatar

      I’ll always remember him as mcmasters from tombstone….

  9. Johni Bigstick Avatar
    Johni Bigstick

    Gun Control means using both hands, even for Merle!

  10. Want a fun thought experiment?

    Put Rooker into any movie in place of Kevin Costner……

    And imagine how much that improves the movie.