Semi-Automatic Weapons Can Shoot Down Airplanes And Blow Up Railroads

The shiesty reverend testifies:

Deadly!  Ban them all for the sake of the children!  Only the police should have guns!

jackie-chan-mind-blownIt’s so great that background checks will stop criminals from getting guns.  Hearing that always gives me hope, and warms my heart.



12 responses to “Semi-Automatic Weapons Can Shoot Down Airplanes And Blow Up Railroads”

  1. When was the last time we had a railroad ,”blowed up,” by a semi-automatic firearm?

    1. the underground railroad?

  2. was he even speaking “English” I can’t really tell

  3. I am so tired of this lying shoe-shining race baiting minstrel opening up his pie hole all the time. Its obvious he doesn’t know God, he doesnt know America, he doesnt understand morality.

  4. Jesse was anti liquor with boycotts and many interviews until he was awarded a Budweiser franchise in Chicago that included the Bull’s stadium. His family (not Operation Push) sold their interest when his son, Jesse Jr. went to jail.
    Maybe Ruger will give him a exclusive franchise for Chicago and he will go silent just as he has done with other causes from which he has extorted payments.
    The American way!

  5. 42 people killed in Chicago in January? Well what do you expect when only criminals have guns?

    1. How many of the guns (99% chances they were handguns only) were registered?

      1. *the guns used in these 42 kills?

  6. Rev. Jesse Jackson has no place in a civilized society. Someone should give him a mental background check.

  7. Audacia77 Avatar

    JJ forgot to mention that guns also cause teen pregnancy, and gingivitis. True story.

  8. Derp. Derp. Semi Automatic Clipazine shoots down space shuttle. Derp. Derp. Chernobyl caused by semi-automatics. Derp. Racist white males. Derp.

  9. Reverend?????How many times does he mention God in resolving issues? This guy rambles on and on about absolutely nothing…….