USPS Looking To Stock Up On Ammunition

Assorted Small Arms Ammunition specifically:


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Why?  Who knows… seems like everyone needs a military now though.  I’m hoping this is just for their often forgot about Postal Inspectors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had nothing to do with them.

USPS-logoIf it would help the mail arrive faster, and lower my costs they should add a few Barretts to the arsenal too.  Oh and arm letter carriers with 9mm Glocks with 33 round magazines.



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  1. They updated the RFP to say it was for the postal inspectors:
    ” This is a standard purchase of ammunition to meet the law enforcement needs of the United States Postal Inspection Service and Postal Police.”

    ..Though here’s no way to verify it, particularly as we have no idea of the ammunition types or quantities they are looking to buy. (If it was for 25000 rounds of 9mm or .40S&W then it would appear legit, but if the order was for 250000 5.56 mk262 or 50000 .50BMG rounds then obviously something is amiss. Maybe someone will submit a FOIA request and let us know).

  2. Oh but you can’t lawfully carry your firearm on their property!

  3. What is this? I thought the USPS was like a “real business” now? Weren’t they separated from the federal government? Can’t they just use their profits (hahaha) like any other business has to when they need to buy supplies?

  4. Someways it’s just to depressing to live in this country. At least in Russia, they are upfront with taking your rights, and keeping you under their thumb.

    How gets to stand up and call BS on this stuff, and ask for a “do over”?

  5. I used to be a USPS OIG agent. They have 650 agents, the qualify 4 times per year like all the feds, right there that is 260K rounds of .40 S&W. Smeo people get upset that a bunch of agencies are buying ammo, but they have always done so. The better question is why does every little agency need an armed LE branch? Part of that is the OIG act, which said that every agency needed to have an OIG to police the agency itself (to protect the taxpayer). However many agencies have LE branches that have gone far beyond that and they need to be reigned in. Tthese agencies have existed for a long time, and they need ammo to train and qualify agents. That by itself is kind of a duh.

    1. Also I see above the solicitation refers to the USPIS, that’s another 600 agents or so. USPIS is the nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency. Again – federal civilian agencies and LE overstepped their bounds a long time ago. That does not mean that every single ammo solicitation is a plot to enslave you.

      1. THANKS, OBAMA.

        1. Are you serious? F**k off. I served in Iraq defending you and if you actually read my original post, you’ll see that I am also a critic of civilian agencies needing armed law enforcement and overstepping their bounds. It’s one of the reasons I left. But now we have this thing going where every time an agency puts out an ammo solicitation it’s treated like they are leading Americans to the Zyklon-B showers. That’s just silly – you should get educated and start asking real questions, like why does the National Science Foundation need an armed LE agency? It’s less to do with some evil plot and more to do with bureaucracy and wasting money.

          1. Not sure who you’re telling to F**k Off, however, the question still stands.

            Asking why they are purchasing ammo, it’s a matter of strategy. Ask why they are buying certain types of ammo, when the answer is lame/weak, ask why do you even exist?

            It’s like having a meeting and letting the dumbass talk, then asking “who the f**k are you now, and why are you at this table”?

            1. I was telling the guy who called me Obama. But yeah you make good points.

          2. george11c Avatar

            Haha youre right!! I googled National Science Foundation and Law Enforcement and turns out they do have armed officers! WHOA

            1. I know – I wonder when they are going to get issued phasers.

      2. Why does ANY, civilian law enforcement agency need .50BMG?

        1. because tactical

  6. cottewmitch Avatar

    What they need is 22lr for their suppressed Walther P22 for those dogs we hear so much about, chasing postmen.

  7. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    Gives new meaning to “dead letter office”.

  8. datastick Avatar

    My father works for the USPS and told me a story recently. A new letter carrier (mail man) was doing great at his new job. It’s winter and his route time was like it was springtime . Then a person saw him dumping most of his bag of mail in a dumpster and called about it. The postal police came and found a lot of mail in the dumpster, all from his one route. It wasn’t just junk mail no one would miss, it had important bills and checks for people. Turns out that’s why his time was so good for the past 2 weeks. The postal police arrested him for federal mail fraud with out him putting up a fight. Others like him some times do put up a fight and that’s why they have a small number of armed postal police. I think my father said something like 600 police for the entire USPS. I don’t think the government is doing anything nuts here, just standard practice to bulk buy ammo to keep the mail moving. :)

    1. You are right. But here’s another example that relates to the National Science Foundation OIG, just to pick on them a little. What they actually investigate is 90% grant fraud – University people breaking the rules on grant applications then violating the Federal False Claims Act when they bill the government. Most of it is essentially looking at financial stuff in the office. When they do actually need to serve a search warrant or arrest somebody, there’s no reason the Marshall Service or other agency can’t work with them to do that. Or to pick on postal a little – they’ll actually pay a guy making $110K a year to sit and watch weeks of video to catch a clerk stealing $310 of postage- rather than just institute good controls like any private business. Bureaucracy, not conspiracy – at least in that case.

  9. ninjavitis Avatar

    It’s all shotgun shells for the guys on the stage coaches. Right? We still move mail by stage coach don’t we?

    1. It might be faster with stage coaches.

  10. Who will ship it to them? UPS? LOL

  11. It’s hard taking Post to the streets…