Buying A Gun In Massachusetts

Might as well be China, there are so many hoops to jump through:

massachusetts-flagOh man that’s bad.  Lucky no one has been murdered with a flintlock recently, or they would be looking to ban those as low capacity assault rifles.

If the cartoon lawyer had a bit less hair and a bow tie he could be Alan Gottlieb.

Thoughts?  Any current Massholes or former ones read this blog?


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  1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    I used to live in Mass, and the gun laws do really leave a lot to be desired there.
    Still not as bad as NY or CA though. I was lucky enough to live in a town where the chief was good about letting people have their class A (CCP, “high” capacity), but I do feel for everyone there who has trouble getting their permit.
    Also, the Attorney General’s list of guns that you cannot purchase is ridiculous. No new Glocks, for example. Not sure if I remember this correctly, but I believe you cannot buy any gun on the AG’s “banned list” unless it was made before 1998 and is grandfathered in.

    1. In many respects CA is better than NY and Mass.. No applying for a permit to purchase a handgun for one.

      The Roster of not Unsafe Handguns is the worst thing in CA, and is worse than the Mass equivalent (though I can go buy a Glock tomorrow. And have it in 10 days home. Period) So perhaps it is better said that it is easier to buy a gun and own one here, than in those states, but we have (increasingly) more restrictions on which guns we can buy.

      1. To clarify. Here was my process for my first handgun.

        Go to gunstore (this in the Bay Area), pick one out. Pay $25 and get HSC (right there and then). Buy handgun. Pick it up 10 days later. No other trips to an “issuing authorities”. Process for 2nd, 3rd, etc was the same minus the need to get the HSC (which amounts to a $25 tax every 5 years and only matters when purchasing, and the FFL gives it to you)

        Not Arizona . But without the waiting period, it would just basically be an extra ocassional tax. Don’t need it to own one.

  2. ManBeerOwl Avatar

    I live in the People’s Republik of Massachusetts and this video doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on the positively helpless state that the good legislators in the state that brought you gerrymandering require you to reside in. The insanity lies in the lack of solidly defined law. Or loosely applied law.

    For example: In my National Guard unit, one of our soldiers who does not posses a Class A, (required for standard cap mags), was pulled over by the MA state police and arrested because he was carrying 7 Pmags, (which aren’t even allowed in this state thanks to our permanent AWB). The same state that issued him those magazines is now charging him for criminal action for having them.

    And MA is the only state that greencard holders cannot apply for any license. Equal?

  3. I moved away from that communist shithole and the video is spot-on.

    The deal with the “lists” is that dealers can’t legally transfer “off-list” guns to you. In fact, one dealer who was doing so was arrested and his case is still pending. Anyway, face-to-face transfers of “off-list” guns are perfectly legal, as is possession of these firearmn. The lists are simply what a dealer can legally transfer to an individual. Some dealers will transfer off-list stuff it was in MA prior to the date of the 1998 gun control act as long as there is paperwork to back up your claim.

    The mag restrictions are based on the old federal AWB and magazines capable of holding 10 or more rounds manufactured after 9/13/94 are not legal in the Democratic Volksrepublik of Massachusetts. The “assault weapons ban” again mimics the old federal one and there’s no bayonet lugs, telescoping stocks, or flash suppressors allowed with the mag restrictions. MA rifles must be neutered, but not to the extent of CA at least.

    Licensing is left up to the local licensing authority, which is the chief law enforcement officer of your city/town. Bang his daughter and break her heart? You’re damn right you’re unsuitable to carry a firearm in the DPRM. Some departments will schedule your “interview” weeks or months out where you show up, they fill out the application for the state ONLINE, and then fingerprint you and take your picture. Some departments will go as far as to make you acquire a note from a doctor, or collect reference letters, or both. I know of several people, women in fact, who were treated like criminals when applying when the police department photographed their tattoos. From here the wait begins, and depending on the department, you’re in for quite a wait. The 40 day provision in the MGLs doesn’t mean shit, and the police departments and state will ignore it. When you call your police department to inquire about the license, they will blame the state for the delay. If you have the state’s number for the folks in Chelsea, they’ll blame your police department. By the time you get your license, you’re lucky to receive it in about 60 days. The video covered the restrictions which may be placed upon you, but that’s again based on your local licensing authority and their position on the second amendment and what “shall not be infringed” means, though by now you’ve choked down a considerable amount of infringement as a MA resident.

    Non-resident? Tough shit! You must apply, IN PERSON, in Chelsea with your $100 and the permit will be good for one year, at which time you must return to Chelsea in person for your renewal. Recently however unrestricted licenses have been issued to non-residents, but you need to have “a good reason” I’ve been told.

    I think that covers everything.

    TL;DR: If you live in Massachusetts, move. If you are thinking about moving to Massachusetts, don’t.

  4. Don’t forget that the AG’s Approved list of handguns is invisible to the public eye, so they have no idea what new guns are approved and what isn’t.
    You can buy “off-list” guns in MA, they just have to be previously owned by Police/Military or owned by someone who moved in-state with it. Then you pay through the nose for the privilege… Can you say $800-$1,000 for a police trade in Gen 4 Glock?
    $40 for “pre-ban” 30rd AK mags, and as much for “pre-ban” beat to hell USGI 30rd AR mags. Pre-ban Glock mags are $60-$100.
    $100 for a 6 year permit, and no suppressors; other NFA items are GTG so long as you play the NFA Trust game; good luck getting your CLEO to play ball.
    You also cannot find a company to ship ammo to MA; the AG has issued an illegal threat, that they’d be sued if they did ship any ammo to MA residents.

  5. Unfortunately the citizens of states like this have allowed themselves to be placed in this situation by their elected officials. Because of this, I think that people and businesses who oppose these types of laws are left with no option right now other than stay and “deal with it” or move. There are more people and businesses deciding to just walk away. There’s even a website set up specifically for them

  6. Masshole Avatar

    Masshole checking in here. Yes, it’s terrible, as other commenters have pointed out. I’ve got a Class A CCW because the police chief in my town happens to be reasonable. However, it’s a roll of the dice depending on your police chief.

  7. He missed some comedy gold in the fact that you CAN buy a muzzle-loading gun with no permits because it is not a Gun by any legal standards….but you need an FID to buy caps, balls, and powder, so you can’t legally load it until you’ve gone through all the red tape!

    Also there’s some confusion on how a Masshole can get a legal off-roster handgun. Here’s the story of my non-Mass approved PM45

  8. Livefreeordie Avatar

    Moved from Mass to the free state of New Hampshire baby! Free at last, free at last…

  9. Ha, I lived in mass till I was 23 or so when I moved to Virginia because I joined the Navy. Haven gotten a nice taste of freedom, sadly (or not) I don’t think I’ll be returning.