Shocking News – Young Kids Are Drawn To Guns

Diane Sawyer with a creative project to demonize guns:

LOL well done ABC well done… I love that part where they plant the two handguns in the classroom.  Sneaky stuff.  Off camera those kids were probably like “LOL there’s no magazine in here even?  Mrs. Struthers is trollin!”.  I really wish ABC would have put some sort of really low powered blank (definitely not one that could hurt the kids) in the gun so when the kid pulled the trigger it went off, and then saw how the kids reacted. I suspect also kids aren’t as stupid as some people think. Were those two really dumb enough to think two real handguns somehow made their way randomly into the classroom while their teacher conviently said “oh hey boys go have some candy and play with the toys over there.

Blaze TV Dana Loesch takes a look at the video and breaks it down:

Yea, hardly an epidemic.  I’ll agree though that any kids at all dying from negligence or accidents is terrible.  Kids are going to drown in pools, break their necks on trampolines, etc… though too as she points out.

If I had kids I would definitely keep the guns out of their reach.  No creative hiding spots low down they could even find.  I would also instill in them how to properly handle a gun and not to touch them, but naturally if you tell a kid they can’t do something they are probably going to want to do it more.

Dana-Loesch-BlazeThoughts?  Maybe I’ve been in the firearms world too long, but I’m really starting to notice how cyclical all this is.  I feel I’ve seen all the anti gun crap, and the pro gun responses to it a million times.  I’d rather just blog about derpy new products, and fun stuff companies come out with.

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13 responses to “Shocking News – Young Kids Are Drawn To Guns”

  1. cottewmitch Avatar

    LOL guy had a 12 gauge under both the pillows

  2. cottewmitch Avatar

    Kids have great trigger discipline though.

    1. Yeah I noticed that as well !
      Poor muzzle discipline, but they don’t touch the trigger…

  3. Here is the thing, this is what anti-gun( and to a certain extent liberals) do they are unrelenting. As many times as we say no, they always comeback with some chestnut, “we just want common sense gun law”, “close the gun show loophole”, stop “ghost/plastic/military” gun violence,…whatever.

    It is easy to be jaded after all that, factor in we are winning in the culture war being waged against us. Both of these element could lead us to a complacent(sp?) state of mind.

    I for one do not want do not want to go back to the times of the AWB, so I implore my brothers in liberty take on the unrelenting and unyielding aspects of our opponents.

  4. this is stupid and I will always say the NRA video is the moron way to train a kid about guns

    take the kid to the range and show them what a gun really does so its not a “mystery “in their mind that it will shoot and hurt things if you mess with it wrong

    no video/book/sheriff can teach you not to put your hand on the store you have to find out its hot by yourself !!!!

    1. whoops misspelled stove –please us in place of “store” in last line

  5. I haven’t trusted the lamestream media for years. This is just more proof.

  6. Along with teaching my son how to remove magazines and check chambers, I also let him liook at my guns almost every time he asked. The thing that gets them is the curiosity. It’s best to indulge them and teach them. I’m confident now that if he comes across a gun when I’m not around, he’ll check it just out of habit.

  7. Jim Jones Avatar

    And now I hear that Dana Loesch will be guest hosting the view. Great news.

  8. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    “Every hour a child is rushed to the hospital because of gun shots”
    I don’t buy this shit for a second.

    1. Oh God I hate trolling myself…
      Let’s make the calculation, 8760 hours in a year (most of the time), and what’s the figure they’re pulling? 7361 children brought in a hospital due to gunshots. That’s not exactly the same… but eh, what is a 20% off mistake when you’re a journalist?

      I like the way Dana Loesch quietly tears it apart.

      I agree that the so-called journalists are creating some news instead of investigating, and thus are (of course !!) getting some amazing newsflashes, something unbelievable like : Oh my God this kid started to play with an actual gun that we dropped on purpose inside a toy box, while nobody was watching!
      How long before a dude pulls over in a welcoming place like Detroit, and walks away from his car, keys on, and says : Holy sh*t, they stole my brand new Range Rover !? Even I would be tempted !

      1. DinoRidingArab Avatar

        Most kids are gonna play with something marginally interesting if its shoved in front of them like that. They act like its a surprise. Also, I like to keep my firearms stored with my large plastic insects and inside my Lightning McQueen backpack. And I only buy hi-points and Kel-tec. None of the fancy HK bullshit.

  9. Okay, am I the only person that noticed in the second vid she mentions “less than 2%…” and “less than 1%” yet the on-screen graphic had “>2%” and “>1%”?!