Samson Manufacturing Ghost Gun

Samson Manufacturing makes an actual ghost gun… not just some made up ghost gun lower receiver:

Ghost-Gun-Kevin-De-Leonhahah clever.  Samson wasn’t really on my radar before besides the fact I knew they made some good looking quadrails… they are now though.

If you’re new to Ghost Guns, get the background on them by clicking the link.  Not safe if you’re around children and/or anyone from California.

I had not heard of Mountain Lightening… looks sus.


11 responses to “Samson Manufacturing Ghost Gun”

  1. That guy was actually rather decent to watch. Soothing voice, pleasant demeanor, funny, not annoying, I feel like I could this guy all day. I mean, what else can I say but: no homo.

    Well done special effects too!

  2. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    HAHAHAHA! Saw that on facebook last night Great video!

  3. Dale Smith Avatar
    Dale Smith

    The Mountain Lightning and suck starting a shotgun…. BWHAHAHAHA

  4. Lol this is golden

  5. Doyletoo Avatar

    Nice to have some new talent! Funny guys.
    I think mountain lightning is walmart or Kmart brand
    Version of Mountain Dew.

  6. This sends me off on a tangent…
    Ghost weapons? Real ghost weapons? Isn’t that what Mr. Bill Door had in mind, when he asked the blacksmith to kill a scythe?
    (For the unenlightened: that’s from “Reaper Man” by Terry Pratchett, and the idea was to have the ghost of a weapon for use in the afterlife. Well, almost-after almost-life. It was a complicated situation.)
    Anyway: great video, but not venturing as far into the supernatural as it might.

    1. Well done, sir, with the Pratchett reference.

    2. I think you just broke my computer with that

  7. Thanks for all the input on our video guys! Glad to everyone is enjoying the humor while keeping in mind why we did it in the first place! Let us know what you want to see more of!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to see more funny vids like this… those are always a hit.

    2. That is some funny shit my friend. Well done!