Canadian Kids Brought Ammo To School To Trade And Sell

Some parents are unsurprisingly flipping out:

CALGARY, ALBERTA – A couple of Grade 5 boys brought shell casings and live ammunition to her children’s elementary school. “They had been selling or giving away the casings to their Grade 5/6 classmates and one live bullet was sold to a boy in Grade 5,”

“If the kids are bringing the ammo to school, how are they getting a hold of it and what about the gun that goes with it? Is it as equally available to them and is that the next step?

Full Story – CBC News

Oh no!  What’s the next step!  Hopefully these kids don’t have 3D printers, or access to a hardware store in Calgary.

Looks like the kids will just be disciplined for “selling personal items at school” which is apparently against the rules.

Officials are now investigating how the students got their hands on the ammunition and shell casings. 

“Sometimes this stuff is found, sometimes they find it in the homes of their parents or guardians, and then if that was the case we would speak to the parents and determine the circumstances behind that,” said Sgt. Duane Lepchuk.

Maybe they should get CSIS on it… this really sounds like something which needs lots more delving into.  Assemble the best detectives, and call the top mounties with the shiniest boots, poofiest pants, and best horses ASAP.


I’m just glad these kids didn’t have some advanced prototypes of R.I.P. Ammunition.  THOSE ROUNDS ACT LIKE A HOLE SAW THROUGH EVERY BARRIER KNOWN TO MAN SO FAR GUYS REMEMBER?!


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5 responses to “Canadian Kids Brought Ammo To School To Trade And Sell”

  1. I am totally against kids selling ammunition in schools. At their age, they have no idea how valuable they are and are practically giving them away.

  2. cottewmitch Avatar

    They were selling brass casings. Hell, you can find that lying around in the woods. Its just the CASINGS. no powder, primer, bullet, nothing. They make a good whistle, that’s it. Chill out.

    1. “… and one live bullet was sold to a boy in Grade 5,”

      There was one.

      1. GameChanger Avatar

        Yes, and that one is known as the last round you will ever need! Introducing the R1P, engineered for maximum performance and precision manufactured, it produces optimal systemic catastrophic failure with its unprecedented saw like capability! It is a must have for those who demand a high-value daily use projectile designed to provide you with an unfair advantage in tactical situations.

        1. cottewmitch Avatar

          Needs more buzzwords. Use the word operations at least once.