Austin Weiss Says Think For Yourself – Gun Ownership

The right to bear arms is a personal choice:

Not bad… not bad… I’m looking forward to seeing more from Austin.  I can’t help but think he would look better with a thick mustache to bridge that beard though:

Austin-Weiss-NRA-OperatorAustin-Weiss-NRAQuite a bit more operator, right?



18 responses to “Austin Weiss Says Think For Yourself – Gun Ownership”

  1. Hey it’s brother zeek back from raising a barn. giggity

    He’s alright in my book though.

  2. this guy makes me want to vote dem and turn my guns over

    1. dgdimick Avatar

      Troll – Move along, nothing to see here.

  3. Blehtastic Avatar

    Related to Kirsten Joy? @Regulus, you’re a dick. What does that comment even mean?

    1. @Blehtastic, how am i a dick? Dem is short for democrat. I can’t stand this guys beard.

      1. A beard strong enough to make you go dem and get rid of your guns is powerful indeed.

        1. Regulus : “i am bred to fear jihad beard”

          1. LOL it reminds me of Boraks pubs

  4. Taofledermaus Avatar

    Oh, stupid me, I just thought he was wearing a tactical turtle neck.

  5. I keep waiting for the glue to dry and the edges of the beard start to sag.

  6. Hhhmmm, jihad look. Not sure if the NRA, or gun owners, are benefiting from that image.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but like a goatee, I can’t take someone seriously if they have a beard with no mustache.

    1. This is my problem too.

      That and the “trying too hard” tattoos.

      I have followed him on instagram because, hey gun pictures, for quite a while before he was an NRA guy, for lack of a better term. I’m sure he’s an alright guy, but definitely not the type of person I associate with, or want to. I’m not a fan for the same reasons I’m not a fan of the Jesse James guns coming out. I think it’s great to show diversity among gun owners, but I don’t care about this guy. That is a good thing in my opinion. There are a lot of people I don’t care about. Spreading a “gun ownership” net that’s so large it encompasses so many people, and so many types is, in my opinion, the best way to maintain, regain, and expand our rights. Anti-gun advocates can and do sometimes easily defeat the stereotypical white Republican gun owners. It will be much harder for them to defeat more than one demographic. If you can bring more diversity, then you can bring more representation. When voters have more than one issue they care about, often they compromise with what they will vote for. Instead of pushing people away, and dividing us over conservative/liberal, republican/democrat, pro-gun/anti-gun, we need to work on getting those individual groups to put forth candidates that better represent what we want. Imagine if someone like this man is discovered by someone who the stereotypical group would push away. What if that person, or many decide, hey, I still like my “liberal” views about poverty and income disparity and the economy, but I would also like to own some guns because that freedom is a pretty good one. Perhaps they will show up at their next primary/caucus or what-have-you and vote for someone who matches their view instead of the party line. They might be able to get us democrats who *gasp* also think that allowing gun ownership is a very liberal thing for a government to do. That is a good thing for gun rights any way you slice it. Republicans want to complain about RINOs ruining their party, but fail to see the value of what the other party might call “DINOs” on the other side, voting for gun rights.

      That said, he still does need to grow a real beard. That includes a moustache.


  8. dgdimick Avatar

    Well said – you expressed this in a manner I don’t think I’m able to.

    I didn’t know Amish could own guns…

  9. Love his beard….

  10. I have no respect for this guy. For a guy who portrays himself as this fortunate “I have everything I could ever want” type of guy, he sure is a self conscience hypocrite. Whatever you do, do not go on his instagram and comment on anything that brings him what little pride he has because he’ll go off. It’s quite amusing actually. I just follow him to watch him threaten the lives of the kids who call his pimped out guns airsoft toys or even make a reference to the things lol… Sad he actually gets offended.

    1. Threaten the lives of kids? Aww schnapps.

  11. Bob carroll Avatar
    Bob carroll

    are you tommy my step brother?