Heating Hoppe’s #9 Up In A Test Tube

Taofledermaus puts a flame on a test tube of Hoppe’s #9 for science:


1:39 – Wheeeeeeee. *snore*  Does look a bit cooler in slow motion though of course.

Interesting that nothing was really going on with it as it was heating up, then it just suddenly exploded.


<– Hoppe’s #9 air freshener I posted about a while back.


4 responses to “Heating Hoppe’s #9 Up In A Test Tube”

  1. JohnnyTToxic Avatar

    I always thought it was pronounced Hops. What’s this hoppies nonsense?

    1. Souprize Avatar

      Hoppeis is the way the company pronounces it and the way I have always pronounced it, I always thought pronouncing it hops was weird.

  2. Pretty much if you put anything in a small sealed environment and heat it it will eventually explode. If there is air it is going to expand. You might not have it happen with sand for a long while, but it will happen.

  3. Taofledermaus Avatar

    I’m semi-famous in small circles on the internet! w00t!