Gun Show Loophole Song

Tactical Tunes with a song about everyone’s favorite loophole to acquire fully automatic high capacity assault weapons:

So many off-the-books grenade launchers and M16s to be had MUAHHAHA.

I got a kick out of the comment on the video by fattywithafirearm (honest nickname if I’ve ever heard one):

An FFL I saw at a local gun show did have a gunshow loophole. He had decorated a holahoop with frilly shit, then hung a sign below it that said it was a gun show loop hole. He would have you hand your filled out 4473 through the holahoop so he could call it in. Then he would hand the gun to you through the holahoop. It was a real gun show loop hole.

Tactical-Tunes-ENDO-California-tshirthaha pure gold.

You can grab the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt Tactical Tunes is wearing over at ENDO Apparel.



2 responses to “Gun Show Loophole Song”

  1. This is pure win :D

    It is a sad admission of defeat though, that he had to include a disclaimer at the start. The irony and sarcasm is quite apparent in the song itself. That his experience with internet users drove him to do this just means there’s too many stupid people owning computers.

    Someone suggested a system similar to anti-spam captcha etc. where you had to pass a mini IQ test before posting or replying online. That would be great. Perhaps have one for people debating social issues as well.
    “I’m sorry sir, you’re simply too stupid to talk about gun control.” Similar to John Safran’s “You’re too stupid to be an atheist!”

  2. Suburban Sheepdog Avatar
    Suburban Sheepdog

    Check out his new Yeager Hater song.