Ghost Guns Are A Problem SB808

California state senator and master troll Kevin de Leon creates a new gun meme:

A ghost gun has the ability with a .30 caliber clip to disperse a 30 magazine clip full of bullets in half a second?  WE ALL WISH.  Coming soon… ENDO 30 magazine clips, free with the purchase of a ENDO Apparel STANDARD 30 t-shirt. ;)

De Leon faces a month-end deadline to advance his SB808, which would require anyone who assembles a homemade firearm to undergo a background check and register the weapon. The bill is intended to extend existing regulations to undetectable guns that can be made using 3-D printers and to anyone who buys parts that can be assembled into a gun.

Ghost-Gun-Kevin-De-LeonSource – The News Observer.

Hat tip: Jake


21 responses to “Ghost Guns Are A Problem SB808”

  1. That guy is a world class moron. I thought Dianne Feinstein was the worlds biggest idiot, until I seen this guy and his ghost gun.

  2. This gun doesn’t have a shroud, it cannot be that dangerous.

    1. You know, that shoulder thing…

      1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

        ….that goes up.

        1. doyletoo Avatar

          oh d@mn! I nearly sprayed a glass on wine out on my imac screen
          when I read Jeep, followed by ThomasChagrin! You guys have been
          paying attention to Mikes past posts!


    2. CrunkleRoss Avatar

      It’s a ghost shroud.

  3. Sadly, this will be quoted as fact by Libtards everywhere, including the White House.

  4. thatturahguy Avatar

    Note that he claims those “ghost guns” start with the “lower reciever” he holds up- a casting. Getting to a “automatic sniper rifle used in Afghanistan” requires a lot more parts, and more tools than a bag of files and a Dremel tool. Another example of a Statist trumping up a nonexistant problem, proposing an all- encompassing solution that actually gives wider license to exert government control over me and thee.

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    Nice SBR in that photo.

  6. I’d be willing to bet the language of the bill doesn’t satisfy Haynes v. US. It’d raise an eyebrow even in California that it only applies to those legally allowed to posses one. Maybe the background check changes it but I’m kinda skeptical about that.

  7. Ok riddle me this, let’s say that I am Johnny Criminal looking to build an illegal AR-15 out of a 80% receiver. Do you really think I am going to apply for a serial number?

    If it is illegal to have a gun without a serial number, I will just make one up.

  8. LOL!! Anyone look at the officer in the background. What’s gotta be running through that guys head?

    1. It’s this officer that’s equally depressing. He’s sitting there staring at this absolute bafoon who is lying with professional credibility and political standing (which should be criminally prosecutable) and being a bitch to this bafoon and not wanting to rock any boats, he’ll keep his trap shut. He knows this gun is an SBR and is highly regulated, more so with a select fire capability it probably has (to throw down 30 cal mag clips in .5 secs) and therefore well beyond what any other law could restrict…and he’ll say nothing. No corrections “Sir, it’s a 30 round magazine..” or “it’s rate of fire is about 15 rounds per second max” or “No, only a minigun can cycle at that rate of fire.”

  9. stokeslawyer Avatar

    I can dispense a 30 magazine clip in half a second too…theres a button for that just above the magazine clip holder thingy, when I push it the whole clippity thing falls out in half a second.

  10. cottewmitch Avatar

    The ability to shoot 30 30 round clips in half a second would be amazing. It takes most of us 5 seconds to change a single magazine, let alone 30

  11. It’s good that our masters only seek to control things that they fully understand.

  12. GHOST GUN: knock knock
    De Leon : who’s there?
    GHOST GUN: Boo
    De Leon : boo who?
    GHOST GUN: don’t cry, i am only a figment of your imagination. *Poof*

  13. Taofledermaus Avatar

    …because guns are SO complex and basic information can’t be Googled before one sticks one’s foot in ones own ass… repeatedly. I wonder if this guy can even dress himself.

    1. Squirreltactical Avatar

      It strikes me at times that efforts like these can’t be anything other than intentionally malicious.

  14. dgdimick Avatar

    Once again, we get to laugh at the morons, that seem to always get elected. Who votes for these people?

    The cop’s asking himself, ” how much longer until I retire, and can this same moron and his friends figure out how to loot my retirement fund?”

  15. I think they are going after the guys who bend their own flats and do 80% / homemade builds. Forcing the home builder to pay for a background check and serialize/register rifle with state (rifles go in data base as of 1/1/14).