NRA Life Of Duty – Defending Our America

A preview of an interesting new show the NRA is going to be putting out:

Defending-Our-America-NRADefinitely relevant to my interests.

0:48 – He’s surprised that a bunch of scumbag criminals have different views than him?

2:00 – WhUT?  Why?  What an elitist.

Starts April 2014.


7 responses to “NRA Life Of Duty – Defending Our America”

  1. Holy shit the comments on the video on youtube are really fucking retarded. It’s nice to see a discussion of professionals discussing shit like this, I feel too many people live their lives in an ignorant bliss and allow our government to strip our freedoms away slowly while guys like this see how the evil in the world actually operates.

  2. I am definitely torn watching that. I appreciate what those guys do and that they’ve made sacrifices I chose not to make, but I can’t help thinking of no-knock raids, Boston marathon martial law, domestic drones, etc.
    I hope they talk about the extent to which they would follow orders against their fellow citizens and the distrust that’s growing among people who should be and have been their allies and supporters.

  3. Taylor TX Avatar

    Sounds ok from the preview, I could give less than two shits what federal law enforcement or no knock swat cops think, but either way I cant pass judgement on a preview.

    Yea, the guy at 2:00 throws in waterboarding out of left field, still not really sure why.

  4. The one comment that was made (paraphrased) ‘they aren’t the real Americans we are” always sends a shiver down my spine. I don’t care who you are when you say that you are the “true” American, it always makes me shudder.

  5. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
    Dr Kranknstein

    Yeah the problem I have is the LEOs on this panel represent the people who will come take our weapons if and when the government tells them to.

    1. ya but it’s ok because your not a real American “they are” (they being the people around that table)

  6. Don’t worry guys, for the guys around the table are for personal rights and liberty and would fight for those rights for every American. But there were some arguments on the finer points within some of those topics, during the talks. It should be interesting.