Glock G42 Commercial – Sex And Mediocrity To Sell Handguns

So much talk about this new pistol, Glock was bound to release another one of their trademark shitty commercials:

Hands down Glock is one of my all time favorite companies, but they constantly drop the ball when it comes to marketing… especially with their commercials.  You’d think a company worth several billion dollars could afford some production value and advice on how to not look like a bunch of newbs.

Here’s my breakdown:

0:02 – Bit of a cleavage tease to show you what you’re in store for.

0:03 – First tight pants / tight top outfit.  “BUT MIKE THIS IS WHAT GIRLS WEAR” say the 12 girls (I think we’re up to 12 girls that follow ENDO now) loudly.  Yea I know… so far I don’t see how this is relevant to the G42 though.  This is basically just establishing the theme of sexuality present in the rest of the video.

0:04 – LOL seriously?  So necessary to sell that G42.  You have no idea. *eye roll*.

0:05 – Oh look she wears makeup.  What an “every-woman”.  *slow clap*… great job at establishing the character Glock.

0:07 – She’s a professional.  LOOK AT THAT BLAZER.  Semi-casual twist with the tanktop though… I wonder where she works?

0:08 – What kind of shitty hotel does she live in?  My girlfriend (subtle humble brag again) said it looks like Glock went to Michael’s and just threw a bunch of random garbage in the cart.

0:09 – First glimpse of her struggle knock-off Hermes bag.

0:11 – OH LAWD.  Behold the G42. *bows down*

0:13 – Yea it’s in .380…. LOL troll successful.

0:18 – LOL nice fake kitchen scene.

0:28 – Looks like her profession is something to do with generic “Dynamic Growth” forecasting.  Awesome stuff.  Really believable graph too!  Bonus points for that.

0:31 – This is when she’s going to blast someone with that G42… I just know it.

0:35 – Oh Glock… you had me on the edge of my seat.  Out of the parking garage unscathed!  Generic cafe type setting with another girl (her lover?  her friend?  who knows?)

0:36 – Sista in the background with the forced acting

0:38 – Crucial rear end shot

0:40 – Pulling a rack out of the ATM.  Ok this is for sure when she’s getting robbed…

0:42 – Shady looking guy with hat pulled down smoking a cigarette… it’s about to get real.  Hmmm nope, oh wait maybe after she leaves the generic “Dry Cleaners”.

0:48 – Nope didn’t get robbed.  Where at a Yoga studio now… you know what that means.

0:50 – Tight outfit, creative camera work.  Totally crucial for G42 sales.

1:07 – Made it out of yoga alive and limber as ever.  Now it’s off to the shooting range!

1:15 – “Some of your shittiest ammo please sir”.  Sir: “Ok, here’s some reloads we re-packaged in the most generic looking Microsoft-paint-looking designed boxes known to man”.  EXTREME ZOOM TO EMPHASIZE .380

1:28 – Did we mention it was a .380?

1:34 – Holy that is the filthiest looking I’ve ever seen 4 shots make a handgun.

1:42 – Yea that ought to do it.

1:45 – “Nice pistol”  LOL seriously?  Dude just smirks and watches her for too long as she walks out.

1:50 – Oh look he’s got this .380 wonder-pistol as well.  What an insane coincidence *eye roll*

Glock-Logo1:56 – “CONFIDENCE – IT’S WHAT YOU CARRY” – Beats the old “Confidence To Live Your Life” line they were using in the past.

Thoughts?  Did the commercial do it for you?  .380 > 9mm?


37 responses to “Glock G42 Commercial – Sex And Mediocrity To Sell Handguns”

  1. Glock 42 — SWAG YOLO.

  2. Glock 42. It’s like a gun only smaller.

    9mm short is teh meh

  3. Petro6golf Avatar

    What a whore… ” Nice pistol random dude at the gun range” and what a fago for the guy buying a .380.

  4. 1. Where does she go shooting that has full ammo shelves?

    2. She lives alone, unmarried, no kids. Why does she bother to lock up her bedside guns?

    1. Haha, for real.

  5. I’d buy this gun if it was 32acp

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


    2. CrunkleRoss Avatar

      I respect your game, I’m waiting for the 25acp version.

  6. Great recap, Mike. My only quibble is the “generic Dry Cleaners” part. It’s pretty rare that I see one around me that says anything other than “Dry Cleaners” or “CLEANERS” on the front glass. They don’t go in much for personalization, I guess.

  7. one_calloused Avatar

    didn’t pick up her brass…

  8. Worst episode of mad men ever.

    “So marketing dept. How do we sell our new smaller than ever glock?”

    “Sir we plan to show a woman putting it in a purse that can comfortably carry a ma-deuce, never ever display the gun in profile to show it’s thinner, and really perseverate on the reduced firepower.”

    “Johnson you deserve a promotion.”

    1. Ha ha ha Johnson… Lmao!

  9. 1:10 – CCW Welcomed… please unloaded here… safety area

    Uh… fuck you! I wouldn’t spend a dime at this commie range. I’d expect a gun range at the very least to understand there is no such thing as a “safety area”.

    1. 1- Purse carry? lolnope. Great way to insure that if you get purse-snatched, the BG not only has your hope address and spare keys, he’s got your gun too.
      2- “What’s with Margaret? She carries that ugly purse everywhere with her… I even saw her tote it into the Tomasky meeting and put it right there on the conference table! Is she just anal or something?”
      3-…but leave it sitting on the street side of your outdoors cafe table, just waiting for someone to grab.

    2. Well, where I go a safety area is where you can fiddle as much as you’d like with your gun, but you’re not allowed to handle any ammo in there. That’s a safety area.
      Pretty much only in IPSC competitions though. Handle ammo inside a safety area, or a gun outside, you’re banned.

  10. Fake Chris Avatar
    Fake Chris

    I’m going to break with the pack here a bit and say that this commercial isn’t really that bad, depending on the audience.

    If your goal is to market to gun people, then you all are right it’s a shitty commercial making a lame attempt to use a cute girl and some T&A to sell guns.

    However if you’re an average woman, who isn’t into guns, this ad is actually pretty good. It shows that an average, attractive, non-butch-lesbian-biker-type, non-ghetto-type, professional woman can make carrying a gun part of daily life. And it makes a (slightly clumsy) attempt to show that ranges are social places and not scary dangerous places.

    Now these concepts could definitely be articulated better. And unfortunately, this ad will likely be seen mostly by people who already own guns (instead of running on national TV, where it would do the most good). But I don’t think it’s a terrible ad.

    1. I agree, i think for the people this ad is targeted to it will work just fine, assuming that demographic gets to see it.

  11. I love the way she slaps the trigger on the last shot. “Take THAT you awful trigger!”

  12. DemonicScience Avatar

    That was absolute garbage for anyone that knows anything about firearms and CCW.

    FFS, the gun is going to do wonders when the robber guy smoking a cigarette snatches the purse…

    I also love watching people at gun ranges that only utilize a pistol in its clean, un-touched, un-stressed, out of the box, lots of time to aim scenario that is nothing like what it would actually be like when someone decides to mug/rape/f*&k you over.

  13. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

    Either show me two solid minutes of the gun itself, or show me two solid minutes of a naked hot woman, but do not show me neither, please. This sells me on neither the gun nor the woman. It doesn’t even sell me on doing errands, really.

  14. Good job GLOCK. A small, single stack .380 is just what everyone wanted . . . 5 years ago. Can’t wait to see their single stack 9mm in 2019.

    1. theforgottenman Avatar

      2008 is calling and wants their .380 back.

  15. My wife is a marketing executive and I asked her to watch the commercial. She pointed out that if you want women to buy this Glock don’t show constant ass, down blouse shots, ugly clothing and other BS. It will just annoy women quickly and they will stop watching the commercial. If you want men to buy it, don’t push at as a gun for the modern woman and thus pussify it. So in her opinion; uber fail. In my opinion? Who cares it’s a Glock. I thought they went out of business 4-5 year ago…

  16. At least it isn’t pink. Yet.

  17. And again, the Glock people think only white people are criminals.


    oh and I carry a .45 about the same size as that gun, and the Kahr PM45 has been on the market for like a decade now!

  19. GLOCK will sell a ton of these pistols whether you like it or not, it’s small and is reliable unlike the rest of the small pistols on the market.

    1. If they will sell a ton of these…how many single stack 9×19’s would they sell comparatively? Do you think there is a larger want for a .380 or a 9?

      And how can you say it is reliable? Is it already proven somewhere I am not aware of? Isn’t it a new gun? I am not a Glock fanboy so I am not up on my trivia…please enlighten me.

      And, “unlike the rest of the small pistols on the market”…dude what? All the rest of the small pistols on the market are unreliable? LOL now I know you are butthurt.

      The fanboy thing is getting old if ya ask me.

  20. A Joke, The pistol is the same size as am MP Shield. The whole idea behind 380 is to have a small gun. I am a Glock fan and owner. Why not just make it in 9mm? I won’t buy the G42 But I liked the girl.

  21. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    They made no effort to make it seem like she was at the range for any amount of time. It looks like she showed up, went through a mag while smiling, and left. Glock needs to contact Mattv2099 to be head of their marketing team.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I 2nd this. Mattv2099 for Glock president even.

  22. ComradeGarcia Avatar

    Ugh, purse carry. Way to go Glock, advocating a careless, clumsy and dangerous method of concealed carry.

  23. theforgottenman Avatar

    They should have Kathrin Glock in all of their commercials. She would appeal to the consumer demographic of older men who marry woman who are the same age as their grandchildren.

  24. Bill jean Avatar

    I don’t think it is very legal to bring a gun into a corporate setting lmao. Fired real quick

  25. It is a decent attempt to focus at all the ladies who do not own a gun but should and have been mulling the idea of buying a gun for protection. It shows how owning, carrying, practicing and storing (safely) is perfectly normal in spite of the liberal spin that only LEO should have guns. I saw my first Glock commercial on TV (scify channel) this week and was pleased they were “allowed” to run it. So much liberal bias that many media outlets would prefer to censor it.

    For all the gun collectors out there (me too) let’s consider how this breaks new ground and shows the positives of responsible gun ownership to the vast majority of people who own zero firearms (200 million). If she is competent with her .380 she should consider a 9mm, but that’s another commercial, later. I see it as a positive sign that has followed liberalized CCW in the majority of states.

  26. scott Avatar

    If you Photoshop a snubbie in place of the 42 ,it would still be the same ad.

  27. Leeann Avatar

    I kept thinking it was an SNL skit. Please SNL, do a parody on this except SNL would do a more truthful version where the gun owner gets accidentally shot. The fact that this was on tv made me sick to my stomach.