Mock Gunfight In Public Prank

Jokers gonna joke:

I’d hope the police would be able to distinguish a fake cardboard gun fight with no noise from a real one, but people definitely have been shot over less realistic looking guns and situations.

The video got boring quick.  It would be funny if little kids were doing the same thing, but when a couple of mid to late 20s nerds are doing it, it’s no longer cute.

DerpAnyone think the public or the police would react differently to something like this in the US?



7 responses to “Mock Gunfight In Public Prank”

  1. These guys are real bangers. Bang bang bang!

  2. metamer6 Avatar

    This is excruciating. I think my eyes are bleeding.

  3. Boy, the hijab sure adds about 50 pounds.

  4. Total waste of time.

  5. With this jack ass’s back to you, it’s a person standing over another person with a weapon. Can’t really see what’s in his hand. So, as the Police or as a CCW holder (yes I know the response will be different) do you take action or wait until you hear a loud noise and wait for the blood? I know what I would do.