Handgun Magazine Mounted Bayonet Knife Derp

This raises the bar for DERP… Impressive this early into 2014:

The MBX is an innovative system (patent pending) that allows the operator to deploy various tools for combat or utility more efficiently than ever. In non-combat scenarios, other proprietary attachments (i.e. glassbreaker / seatbelt cutter) can be deployed using the magazine as a handle without the sidearm.

Seriously?  Yea we’ve seen gun mounted knives before… but not like this.

0:06 – “When seconds mean lives, do you really want to compromise control of your sidearm to reach for a knife” – I see that sentiment and raise you “Do you really want to manipulate a knife attached to the baseplate of your handgun’s magazine?”

0:09 – Super serious demo begins here.

0:12 – Oh shit, he just brought his hand back and clipped the knife in somehow?  I bet that’s patented!  Nothing that cool and effective isn’t patented! *eye roll*


0:32 – LOLOLOL for real.

0:40 – Sweet workspace manipulations brAH.  That door frame is DONE. SON.

0:46 – Super realistic demo.

0:50 – See how easy it is to remove and put back on?  SEE!? SEEEEEEE?!

1:15 – Oh thank god they are coming out with a picatinny rail version!  I was looking for someplace unobtrusive to mount my 12-42x Nightforce scope and rape whistle.

Handgun-Magazine-Mounted-Bayonet-Knifehaha something tells me those other platforms wont ever get their mag bayonets.

Oh shit now I really wish I was going to SHOT!  Booth #32411 bitches! Lots more info and pictures on the Manly Innovations website.


Hat tip: Tim


36 responses to “Handgun Magazine Mounted Bayonet Knife Derp”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    This is stupid.

    Wouldn’t it be more practical to hold a knife in one hand and the gun in the other?

    You know what they say “Try to remember the basics of CQC”.

    1. “METAL GEAR?”

      Anonymous. I agree with you.

      Someone who made this has been playing waay too many video games and watching Rambo 1 through 4 nonstop. Next thing you know, there is going to be a tactical compound bow with explosive arrows.

  2. Please tell me this is a JOKE… That this is someone making a bad video trolling for fun. When he stabs the wall you see how the gun barrel points directly towards his head. BANG! >HEADSHOT!<

  3. If you upgrade the mag release spring just think of the range you could launch stealth-azine-oynets out to.

  4. How can I live without one of these sweet 1″ blades? I couldn’t imagine even being able to align the knife base to the plate in a real emergency, along with the fact that you will probably either impale yourself seppuku style or you will slice off your fingers doing a magazine change.

    And to be serious, how much time does it take to draw a knife from a kydex sheath? 1 second? You don’t have that much time, but you have 4 seconds to click in the blade and then try to slice them using a limp wristed angle? I’m in.

  5. Wow! Just wow! That has to be the most moronic thing/idea, I have have ever seen. If your gun is empty or out of the fight, drop it and grab your knife, because it’s easier to handle and it will have a much longer blade, and will be more effective than whatever the fuck that is!

  6. ZBalentine Avatar

    Now just imagine if he had a glock front picatinny bayonet! Awwwww SHITSNACKS!

    As a matter of fact, I wont be satisfied until I’ve got replacement blades for my front and rear sights, too! I want my smokewagon to look like the glaive from “Krull”!

    1. Taylor TX Avatar

      You just found out what MattV’s new kabob setup will be.

  7. The newest GI Joe movie showed off a similar concept….didn’t see squat of it in the actual movie.

  8. I see someone has played Metal Gear Solid 3.

  9. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

    I can’t wait to stab myself in the kidney as I practice my synchronized speed-re-holstering.

  10. Taylor TX Avatar

    Comments disabled on the video, I dont think it could handle the trolling.

    1. Taylor TX Avatar

      and I assume most of the 471 views are people from ENDO gettin teh lulz.

    2. Stole my thunder. Had to be some great comments!

  11. cottewmitch Avatar

    His company name is manly innovations. Don’t forget that nugget. Definitely needs an airsoft version. or better yet, just only have an airsoft version, because this is pretty moronic.

  12. Why detach it? Just leave it on the magazine all the time. Straight operator right there!

    1. On second thought just hold the damn gun in your strong hand and have a knife set up for weak hand draw. Way quicker and cheaper. I think I am going to go patent that right now. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the Chris-Cross Weak Hand Stab Method (Patent Pending). You read it here first.

  13. i would be interested if they made a 12″ version.

    1. That’s what she said.

  14. Because hey, sometimes you don’t want to stop a threat with lethal force and instead just want to stab his eyes out!

  15. Isnt this “manly productions” another cory and erika company used to fleece suckers who pay good money to wail on punching bags with their gun? Sell the course and sell the stabby accessory = more profit.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Link to Cory & Erica vid?

  16. SittingDown Avatar

    Just don’t let Grebner have one. He might stab himself and shoot himself at that same time.

  17. PLEASE Tell me this is a joke!

  18. This product is made by a Navy Veteran, that means it HAS to be good! Civilians know nothing!

    1. if it was made by a navy vet it should have a can of paint on the bottom. lol. cause all them navy boys just bust rust and paint over rust. ;-)

      1. “It’s moves, salute it. That’s immobile, paint it.”

    2. A veteran pogue

  19. I approve of this.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      I’m waiting for the Android App. -.-

  20. If you creep the inventor’s linkedin, you’ll see that he has a degree in marketing.


  21. For some reason I can’t see the vid here or on the website, but the pics tells all I need to know–a ginger operator? Yeahhhhh….riiiight.

  22. Is there anything lower than DERP? This fit’s that category.

  23. dgdimick Avatar

    Notice they make it for the Glock? Line up Derps, it’s going to sell like hot cakes…

  24. Manliest thing i have seen lol . Glad that the guy didn’t kill himself during the filming process .

  25. GruntDoc Avatar

    Every once in awhile I see a company I actually want to go bankrupt. This is one of those time.