PWS Half Cocked – S01E01

The name of this premiere episode is “The Misled Ad”:

PWS-Half-Cocked-Cartoon-LogoThey definitely delivered on the animation side of things.  Storyline and dialog though was lacking, but I’ll cut them some slack because it’s the first episode.

Thoughts?  Did you enjoy it?


11 responses to “PWS Half Cocked – S01E01”

  1. I hope it gets better but I’ll keep watching for now. For some reason I thought they were going to be longer but after watching it I’m glad it wasn’t

  2. Your video is bad, and you should feel bad.

  3. Maybe it’s just because I have a shitty sense of humor but I thought I wasn’t half bad. I bet there is going to be a lotta “heavy” but hurt to follow it though! Get it? Heavy… nevermind.

  4. I laughed my ass off. So there is that.

  5. nunof yoor Avatar
    nunof yoor

    I thought it could have been a few minutes longer, and the dialog and storyline seemed a little too forced. I’ll keep watching, though.

  6. Mountain Avatar

    I giggled.

    Fat jokes are funny.

  7. JoeDeke Avatar

    I guess I was expecting a little more Archer and a little less Peanuts

  8. bandroidx Avatar

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    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea I just have it in Oatmeal right now! The other colors will be back in stock in 1.5 weeks or less.

  9. Nakedgun Avatar

    They definitely left room to improve. Not much content there, other than trying to force laughs around the funny idea of the urban-camp outfit. Guess they didn’t want to jump the shark too soon.

    I’ll check-out the next episodes, expecting much more pushing-the-envelope humor.

    *BTW, Thanks for the Black-December t-shirts, Mike! They were a hit with the boys!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea hopefully the episodes get better!

      Glad the Black Dec shirts went over well! Thanks for the support!