Dillon Aero M134 Gatling Gun Fired From A ChoppAh At A Car

Richard Ryan on that Lone Survivor movie breakdown once again:

Holy Richard is bringing this next level stuff quick, only a week into January!  I’m sure he has hundreds of fun ideas / toys lined up for the remaining weeks of 2014.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOThe Ferrari in the screen cap was a tease.  Initially I was like “Did he?”.  Oh well I always said “Fuck Dodge Neons” my whole life anyway, so well played on that car choice.

Fail on not saying “TO DA CHOPPAh!” haha.  The blades on that chopper and the spent brass raining out of the exhaust tube looked epic in slow motion.



2 responses to “Dillon Aero M134 Gatling Gun Fired From A ChoppAh At A Car”

  1. Absolutely badass!

  2. Dillon took my Dad and I out last year and let us each blast through about 2k rounds of 762 in m134 mounted to a truck. It was AMAZING. Doubt i’ll ever shoot anything that even kinda compares to a mini gun and a crap load of spent ammo.