Vigilant Spectre On His Glock Hate Soapbox Once Again

If you can watch grass grow or wash your hair.  Do it rather than watch this:

Toward the end of the video (8:13) he talks about how he carries a Gen 4 G17, then goes on to say he doesn’t think the Gen 4 is acceptable quality.  So let me get this straight… the gun you carry to protect your life, you don’t trust?  *scratches head*

If you don’t watch Vigilant Spectre‘s videos, the comments alone on a lot of them are worth the price of admission.  I LOL so hard just reading them lots of times.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsIn summary, as I mentioned in the heading the video is snoreworthy… I posted it mainly because I like seeing people wear my t-shirts… someone was going to comment that anyway so I might as well just admit it again.  Damn Victoria’s Sphincter figured out the formula… I’ll have to switch it up for 2014 to keep guys on their toes.



27 responses to “Vigilant Spectre On His Glock Hate Soapbox Once Again”

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where Buck Yeager videos are more appealing than these.

  2. I made 2 minutes then had to switch off.

    1. triggernoob Avatar

      Kinda like nutnfancy’s reviews or diatribes about random ass gear.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    Yawn. Zzzzzzzz.. ;)

  4. ……….. ugh.

  5. All I hear is a whole bunch of vague whining (maybe he could actually explain why he feels gen 4s are inferior) that all adds up to nothing because he carries the generation he’s whining about…

    What a waste of my time.

  6. Glocks=gixxers

    Some of you will get it.

    1. GSXR is so much better than honda

  7. Much Whine. So Glock Hate. Very Hypocrisy. Wow.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Yoda approved comment.

    2. Andyhasky Avatar


  8. Therealcombatwombat Avatar

    The Glock 26 I bought in order to trigger this storm of Vigilant Sphincter hate is actually starting to grow on me a bit. I stand by what I said: essentially it’s not something that seems particularly well refined unlike my XDS and there’s no excuse for the malfunctions it had. Still, when it works I actually shoot it quite well (which for me means the rounds hit somewhere in the vicinity of a barns broadside). it’s growing on me a bit and it will have plenty of chances to redeem itself. My biggest gripe about the case of whoopass that’s been opened up on me is people bitching that I paid $600 for it. That’s what they cost here, it’s not your money, and if it’s as iconic as people make it out to be then they should gladly be willing to pay that for it. Commence hate.

    1. If you expect a Glock to be “refined”…

      Don’t buy a Glock…

  9. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    VSO is a rambling idiot. The part that really offended me was that if you only shot a couple hundred rounds a month you aren’t “challenging” your weapon. not sure what he does for work or what kind of social life he has but between work and family a couple hundred is all I have time and money for. Does anyone know what qualifications he has other than the internet?

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Qualifications? He installed a Tactical Walls Mirror once. ;)

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      His qualifications include a Youtube account, idiot friends, and object the size of a walnut that he calls a brain.

      I tried to watch this and the G26 “failure” video, and they were both rambling and incoherent. Both videos are proof that these guys know very little about handguns (especially the Glocks that they love to disparage), and even less about what makes them functional or not. These guys really have no clues about what they are rambling on about. The comments on their Youtube videos shows that most everyone, and rightly so, sees them as the dumbass trolls that they are.

  10. Their website has changed, I can’t find the info anymore.

    But IIRC, he has no professional qualifications whatsoever. Neither does any of his team, besides one guy who may have been in the Navy.

  11. Harm Uden Avatar

    He never explains why Glock is not the quality they once were.

  12. triggernoob Avatar

    He said himself that everyone has their own perspective, so why do I give two shits about his on Glocks?

  13. Petro6golf Avatar

    VSO offers up no credibility what so ever. They are a group of mall ninjas that make videos about things they have heard and read but not experienced other than when they play mall ninja or run around in the woods. Mike from ENDO should stop posting their videos and hopefully they will die away and be forgotten about.

  14. S. Cautela Avatar

    I’m not quite sure that making a 10 minute video where you question the quality of the most ubiquitous trusted handgun in the country with no empiracle evidence to support your claims is a way to spend your time.

  15. Def some butthurt in here over what VSO thinks.

  16. Endo. I wear your shirts in my videos all the time. Anyway just letting you know. Use them or not.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks a lot! Always nice to see them in vids. Make sure to drop me a message if you ever do any funny type videos I could post!

  17. SittingDown Avatar

    A new “over the tractor tire test” is on order. LOL

  18. miserymedic Avatar

    “I forget what the figure is…” You’re not sounding to prepared on the defensive video that you decided to put out. If you can’t take the time to properly assess your thoughts and find the facts to back them up , then what are you doing aside from masterbation?

  19. yea, this guy and his friends are a bunch of mall ninja farm boys with a lot of money and land to play on.