Muzzle Awareness Drill – Training For Crowded Operations

Vigilant Spectre. Too big of sissies to train how they operate, so they use airsoft:

Wimps.  Anyone who had real confidence in their crew would have DONE IT LIVE like the guy in this video or Larry Vickers and the Russians (TM for a new punk band I’m starting).

Definitely an asymmetric solution to a problem operators in crowded operations face.  OHHHHHHH see what I did there? They did this drill at the training facility of Asymmetric Solutions.  Ironic considering that first Asymmetric Solutions post was all about the lack of muzzle discipline.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsI don’t really know how the average person would benefit from a drill like this, considering if you have your gun out in a self defense situation you’re liking not going to be shooting through a crowd of people.  If you are, I’m going to say chances are you’re already WAY over your head.  Vigilant Spectre though are not average.  They probably used the skills from this drill that night… even if it was just to dodge girls coming at them while they had a beer in each hand at the local bar they frequent.



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  1. Somebody else watched Larry Vickers training with Russians then…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ah right! I knew there was something else to reference. Thanks Ben, I updated the post.

      1. It’s also probably worth noting that even though the “operator” was doing that so-hot-right-now cocked wrist, pulled into chest pistol thing, his muzzle awareness and direction wasn’t actually very good at all. He was still sweeping motherfuckers left and right.

        Just because you think it looks neat doesn’t make it a good drill I guess?

        1. Although it’s easy to criticise… I guess the issue is that people feel the need to video document any level of fucking about…

    2. Christiano Martin Avatar
      Christiano Martin

      Absoultely Ben..Watching that would make them realise the original fact

  2. C’mon !
    I definitively think I’m not operator enough (or not dumb enough) to understand this.

    If the purpose is to train for the possibility of having to fire an ACTUAL gun in a place where people are coming in front of your muzzle, put some balloons around the target.
    If the what you want is to train to with an airsoft gun, then you can train to ACTUALLY shoot somebody (moving target!) within a crowd. Work up some scenario where you get mugged and shoot at the escaping guy from a distance (although it may not be considered self-defense if you shoot him in the back…), or you witness someone assaulting someone else and blah blah blah…

    Be creative for God’s sake.

    1. Christiano Martin Avatar
      Christiano Martin

      Right u are Jeep. and I think that airsoft guns are probably one of the best in the business..What do u say?

  3. You know by the end of that they were all shooting each other on purpose.

  4. Gaberelli Avatar

    It looks like a multi-cam volcano erupted and landed on top of this crew. How long until ACU is retro cool and all the hipster gun slingers are sporting it?

    1. ComradeGarcia Avatar

      ACU will never be cool on ANY level.

      1. +1 Garcia (sorry I cannot say “Comrade”…it’s against my religion) ;-)

  5. ninjavitis Avatar

    I think airsoft has a place as a training medium. For example it would allow a local PD to conduct active shooter training in the actual location that it might happen without throwing paint around but still require a level of accuracy. Give the cops airsoft, give the badguys blanks.

    1. Give them all airsoft! GBB (Gas Blow Back) are sometimes loud, and at least it’ll teach the cops how to take cover !

    2. Christiano Martin Avatar
      Christiano Martin

      Yeah Right bro…I too have heard something like these from one of my fellow mates. Shhoting trainning is something which can`t occur in any place that might involve risk both in terms of life and property. And also watching this video, I feel that this location is also very much perfect for these stuffs. I might be wrong ..I don`t know…your thoughts??

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    Sonny approved. LAWL

  7. Damn, this is retarded on SO many levels. The only thing close to real life was the dork that kept trying to swat the pistol away.

    Just because you’ve seen it on TV doesn’t mean it’s real..

    1. Christiano Martin Avatar
      Christiano Martin

      Yeah…sometimes this may happen…what u see and what actually occurs might be entirely different

  8. And what if you are the only (or few) CCW/CHL at the mall when the Islamist terrorists decide to attack? Or a grocery or Wal-mart store when the guys carrying shotguns want to rob it? A bank that isn’t a GFZ?

    I can see limited utility to this drill, if for nothing else, to get the CCW/CHL out of the tunnel vision that usually accompanies an active shooter event.