Archer On Gun Safety

ISIS orientation:

Full-Clip-Gear-2Obvious jokes are obvious.  I like the show, but I found that nothing on it surprised me so ultimately I kind of lost interest.



11 responses to “Archer On Gun Safety”

  1. archer is just funny shit!

    There’s nothing really novel about it, but there are some great one liners. And lampooning spies is always fun.

  2. DANGER ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This mission will be dangerous.
      Would you say we’d be venturing into a zone of danger?
      Well, yes. Obviously.
      No, but I mean how would you phrase that?
      I… the zone will be one of danger?

      1. Seriously Lana, you better call Kenny Loggins…

  3. Seriously Mike, how can you not love Archer? He not only counts how many rounds he’s fired, but the amount of rounds his enemies have fired as well. Hes a certified badass.

    1. No…he’s some kind of a-typical autistic!

  4. If you don’t like Archer I will hire Kenny Loggins to come here and play an acoustic set, while I slap some sense into you.

  5. He wasn’t drinking enough.

    1. John Fritz Avatar

      Always the issue. Archer is a man of restraint.

  6. If I used the “saw it coming” excuse to not watch something I would never watch anything. Sometimes you just have to kick back and relax.

    1. I see a lot of it coming on Archer…but it’s in the execution of it that makes me spit out my drink while watching.