Mitch Rossell – A Soldier’s Memoir

A new song about a HSLD soldier who’s home and dealing with PTSD:

Because of my pessimistic nature when it comes to music my expectations were low. The song and video really impressed me.  Deep lyrics, I can’t imagine people living with thoughts and feelings like that on a daily basis when all I do is think about girls, guns, clothes, and food.

My boys Iraqveteran8888 got special behind the scenes access at the filming of the music video:



7 responses to “Mitch Rossell – A Soldier’s Memoir”

  1. Fantastic and thoughtful video that should be received well by the masses. I enjoyed the lyrics expressing somewhat boredom with the parading of soldiers through town. My feelings towards those who’ve fought and died are feelings of sincere reverence, humble gratitude, and personal – i don’t wear signs of shallow patriotism like wearing lapel pins, bumper stickers, or being in a parade watching my kids have candy thrown at them.

  2. The first year after coming back from the Middle East was the hardest, then the first year after getting out of the Marines was the hardest, then having my first kid was the hardest. It wasn’t until I understood that a small part of my life doesn’t define who I am, but the sum of my actions does since then.

    It still makes me uncomfortable when someone thanks me for my service and sacrifice.

  3. ninjavitis Avatar

    I’m at my first year mark myself. Somewhere inside I had myself convinced that once I got home, everything would be ok. Now I’m here and wondering what to do next. I’m finding out that holding a job is going to be next to impossible. There’s just too many people everywhere I go. I hope it gets easier. I know it won’t ever really go away but I’ll be happy just finding a level where I can function.

    1. Ninjavitis,

      I just wanted to make sure you know, that people who read this blog , here for you to lean on. The low number of postings just shows how hard it is for some to talk about this.

      Finding a job is going to be hard, I spent 4 years drifting until I was able to get into a anything close to a ‘real’ job. I ended up having to stop looking for anything that involved LEO, Security, or using my skills, it was just too hard to try and break the training.

  4. ninjavitis Avatar

    I appreciate it. I go to the unemployment office and they look at my skills list. “Lets see, any openings for a guy who knows how to shoot people and blow things up?” “Air Assault experience preferred…” Nothing yet. I’m coming to the conclusion that self employment might be the way I have to go. I need to be able to control my environment. I always have a smile on my face when I talk about this stuff. Gotta laugh or cry, pick one.

  5. Welcome home all.

    Sometimes we on the outside don’t know what to say or how to help. But always feel free to reach out.

  6. If you fellas like this song, check out the original video and writer of the song, Joe Bachman. Powerful.