Michael Myers Rifle Prank Could Easily Ruin A Halloween And A Life

If this is real, this guy is either incredibly stupid, or suicidal:

Gun-Culture-Not-Halloween-Costume-Racism-1I’d like to think this “prank” was faked… and It could have been, but I really doubt it.  Unfortunately I can’t tell by the pixels if that’s genuine fear those people have, or if they are actors running away.

This must have been shot in a gun free zone, where only the police have guns (ha ha).  Like I said, real risky anywhere.

Talk about a sick sense of humor.


Hat tip: Brandon


23 responses to “Michael Myers Rifle Prank Could Easily Ruin A Halloween And A Life”

  1. Prank or not, that’s how a stupid mo-fo’s gets his ass shot!

  2. spraynpray Avatar

    I bet it was the guy who did the ‘zombie in the hood’ video.

  3. I think that most people who conceal carry would have put two in his chest.

  4. Try that in Arizona and you will be shot. PERIOD.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      What about Loughner?

  5. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I hope it wasn’t faked, and I hope those guys at the end beat the shit out of him. And then when they found out it wasn’t real, they beat the shit out of him again.

  6. Jim Jones Avatar

    From the palm trees and the clothes people are wearing, this has to have been shot in a warm weather state. At first I thought it was Florida, but doing something like that would get you shot there. This has to have been shot in California. It might be the only place where you can engage in such stupidity and not encounter a CCW holder. However, given Californians’ hoplophobia, doing something like that might still get you in deep trouble with the law, and maybe even to the point where the poster would lose his right to carry that rifle anywhere ever again.

  7. This was shot in Miami, FL. Its funny you mention the gun free zone, because the garage scene was filmed in the FIU Gold or Blue (gun free zone) parking garage. See the picture:

    I agree with almost everyone that posted here, I don’t know how these fools didn’t get shot. This is very stupid.

  8. People who pull shit like this should be shot. By CCW or police, I don’t care who. But they should be shot.

  9. Not sure if this is a real “prank” or not but this is how we loose our 2nd amendment rights. Not funny.

  10. Whether or not it was a “real prank” is irrelevant. This was irresponsible and beyond bad taste. There are plenty of people around the country who have actually lost loved ones to mass shootings and this type of “joke” is unacceptable. I am surprised it is being posted here. If it is a prank, you’ve just terrified real people for no reason. If these people are actors, you may have just inspired someone with mental illness to do something horrible. We as responsible gun owners need to stand up against this type of behavior when we see it.

  11. “Think of it as evolution in action.”

  12. This could have ended badly.

  13. SittingDown Avatar

    Almost turned into a Brutal Tale at the end. LAWL


  14. Drapetomanius Avatar

    That’s actually Nancy Pelosi drumming up support for gun control in FLA.

    1. I knew it.

      Thanks Obama!

  15. Natural selection at work.

  16. Why was this guy not arrested for this?

  17. the website uncrate had a bunch of costume suggestions (for adults) involving bad guys from movies. The costume suggestions involved wearing masks and using airsoft guns. To me that pretty much screamed potential death.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Airsoft…because Airhard is self-explanatory. :D

  18. And on the other side of the country a 13yro boy is shot for carrying a replica AK

    Videos like this prank are no way to get people to respect us responsible people who do have firearms for our and our families protection.

  19. You miss the real faux pas.

    Since when did Michael Myers use a rifle? A kitchen knife is his signature.

    This would be like Freddy Krueger losing the claws and carrying a shotgun.

  20. Hopefully it was all actors. Because I’m sure that a CCW holder would not have run.