Carp As An ECO Weapon To Destroy US Waterways

CarniK Con.  v. awesome v. rare:

1:09 – Lil Romeo Rap Snacks!… holy I like where this is going.

2:35 – Why don’t I know anyone with a boat like this?  I should buy one just to make all the snobs with million dollar yachts choke on their Pâté.

7:15 – Holy a song… Yessssss

8:46 – PETA given what they need to start their anti-CarnikCon crusade

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOThese things are turning into full blown episodes now basically.  I can’t wait to see what develops in the future with these guys.



6 responses to “Carp As An ECO Weapon To Destroy US Waterways”

  1. Common sense euthanasia

  2. bandroidx Avatar

    Why does Cory And Erika’s Daisy Dukes time have 100k subs and this has 16k? Something is wrong in the world.

    1. Matt in FL Avatar
      Matt in FL

      I like Cory and Erika, mostly, but I totally agree with this sentiment.

  3. I hope part 2 is skeet practice on carp

  4. Common sense is not so common anymore. Thank you CarniK Con.

  5. Carp baseball with m249 pls